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Welcome to my very first post!

I managed to go to Wooffles and Cream while the weather was still nice and warm. In need of some Chinese dessert! We thought the line up was going to be long when we got there around 4-5pm, as I read Yelp reviews that someone had to wait 1.5hr to get their dessert – why 1.5hrs?? But to our surprise, the line was actually pretty short! As we lined up, one of the female workers (who I also assume is one of the owners) was telling others that they’ll be taking names and numbers for a wait-list as they weren’t sure if they had enough batter for their waffles.

That’s when I realized what that Yelp reviewer was talking about. The line to get on the wait-list was maybe around 20 minutes, I gave the girl my contact information and our dessert orders. The girl called about 40-50 minutes after, and when we got to the store, they were halfway closed!! So I guess me and L were pretty lucky to get to sample their dessert that day. As they were halfway closed, the two workers are more casual and easy going. They were mentioning how they get so busy on the weekends but on the weekdays, they would “just be sitting there watching dramas”.

Wooffles and Cream - Cookies and Cream Wooffle with mixed Vanilla and Matcha soft serve - helloteri
Wooffles & Cream – Cookies and Cream Wooffle with Vanilla and Matcha soft serve, yum!

I got the Cookies and Cream Wooffle with Vanilla and Matcha twist soft serve, whereas L ordered the Regular Wooffle with Vanilla soft serve. Our total was about $17, with the total wait time was roughly an hour to 1hr 20minutes tops. They sell other flavoured wooffles such as Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and seaweed, limited time bacon and cheese, salt and pepper, as well as parfaits that look really amazing, and Italian sodas I believe.

I have to say that I was not disappointed by the food as the waffle/wooffle was uniquely mixed with another flavour and the twist soft serve was a good balance for both the match and vanilla taste. However, for that wait time and price, I would most likely not go again – maybe just once in a blue moon, but their dessert is definitely not anything out of this world.

Till next time, ♥

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