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Sunday breakfast, we’ve decided to try Panagio’s as it was relatively close and convenient. The place was bigger than expected as the views from the outside made the restaurant look very tiny. It wasn’t busy at all and the mood was very relaxing and quaint, especially if you were on a breakfast/brunch date. When we went, all the other customers who were there were in pairs. Panagio’s close at 4 pm and they have a lunch menu, including sandwiches, burgers, poutine and grilled cheese to name a few, plus dessert!

Panagio's - "Usual Suspects" - 3 Eggs, 3 Sausages, Fruits, Homefries and Toast - HELLOTERI
Panagio’s – “Usual Suspects”3 Eggs, 3 Sausages, Fruits, Homefries and Toast
Panagio's - "Eggs Benny" - Ham, Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin, Homefries, and Fruits - HELLOTERI
Panagio’s – “Eggs Benny” – Ham, Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin, Homefries, and Fruits

ordered the Usual Suspects. I’ve decided to try something new for breakfast and got the eggs benedict. As it was my first time eating the Eggs Benny, I have to say that I do not enjoy it as much as I had hoped. The hollandaise sauce was too sweet for both our liking and I wasn’t a fan of ham either. They did give 5 eggs and 3 slices of ham. I absolutely love their homefries as they were slightly crispy on the sides. The fruits were a joke compared to other breakfast places that offer fruits like Cora’s – as shown above, they had only given 1 slice of orange and cantaloupe for both our dishes.

Our total came around $20 (including tax) – L‘s was about $7-8 whereas mine was about $10-11.

There was only one waitress going around, her name was Lisa. She was very nice and was very attentive as she was ready to fill our water glasses up as soon as they were low. However, they do not have a cash register(?) as I saw her going to the counter and pulling change out of a pouch instead of using an actual cash register… They do have a POS system as that was how Lisa did our orders. So, quite confused on that part.

From time to time, I will come back here for more food and I do enjoy the ambience of the place, but personally, I will not go for their eggs benedict again. I guess I just don’t appreciate the taste of eggs benedict.

Till next time, ♥

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