Uoshiki Sushi

📍 3250 Midland Ave, Scarborough, Ontario

Decided to check out Uoshiki Sushi as I was craving all-you-can-eat (AYCE). The store was really big and they have booths, along with Japanese themed umbrellas, slightly smaller Shoji screens and a display full of Japanese or Asian cultured items. We were seated really quickly and was given an iPad to place our orders with. You do have to call a waitress over for them to finish placing your order each time. They have a wide array of selection including specialities like Raw OystersUni shooters (didn’t try those), Takoyaki and a number of Chinese dishes ranging from Dim Sum (Har Gow and Siu Mai) to Fried Rice.

Uoshiki Sushi - Raw Oysters on the Rocks with House Special Sauce - 2 pieces per Person - HELLOTERI
Uoshiki Sushi – Raw Oysters on the Rocks with House Special Sauce – 2 pieces per Person

Overall, our first experience was okay-good besides the fact that the air conditioning was really cold – even another customer asked them to turn off the air conditioning. Note: this was in the middle of summer when we first went. At the end, a waitress also spoke to L and pointed to our leftover food while I was in the washroom. Probably complaining about how we didn’t finish the food even though we only left a few pieces of sushi and we’ve never been confronted for that little of an amount before so I thought that was odd. We didn’t get charged extra on our bill though so… no idea what that whole thing was about.

Uoshiki Sushi - Miso Soup, Sushi, Sashimi, Takoyaki, Shrimp Tempura and Seaweed Salad - HELLOTERI
Uoshiki Sushi – Miso Soup, Sushi, Sashimi, Takoyaki, Shrimp Tempura and Seaweed Salad


Came here 2 days ago for Thanksgiving (no turkey, I know…) and I have to say that the service this time was the best one out of the 3 times that I’ve been here. Maybe it’s because we were seated so close to the front so we could grab the attention of the workers better. There was one girl who was really nice, super attentive to us and spoke fluent English (there was a language barrier on the previous times). I really wish I had gotten her name since they don’t wear name tags. She was the major reason why I had a better experience yesterday than the previous two.

Also FYI, even if you call a server to confirm your order, some workers don’t have the passcode to do so and have to call certain workers to do it. They’re really specific on their roles. Hence, the worker you gave it to who doesn’t have the passcode will sometimes forget about it/not call the specific person to confirm your order, making you wait longer since you’ve assumed the waitress has confirmed it already/have to grab another server’s attention.
TL;DR – Make sure you check that your order has been confirmed or you could be waiting awhile!

Uoshiki - Salmon, Surf Clam and Octopus Sashimi - HELLOTERI
Uoshiki Sushi – Salmon, Surf Clam and Octopus Sashimi

We got our orders pretty smoothly and consistently. I also have to point out that they should really improve their dessert section because it is so limited! Plus, they always seem to have “run out” of something from the dessert menu every time we come here. They don’t have the basic Chocolate and Strawberry flavoured ice creams. Yesterday they ran out of Vanilla ice cream. They do have selections of Green Tea, Red Bean and Mango Ice Ceam. They also have Fried Bananas, and an option for Seasonal Fruits.

I would come back here from time to time, just for the convenience of ordering from an iPad. Uoshiki also offers 10% off if you pay cash, like other AYCE sushi places, like Ten-ichi. Many AYCE sushi places in Scarborough are not up to date with this type of service and technology. I have not found my go-to AYCE sushi yet though… but I’ll keep looking!

Till next time, ♥

For more nomz – Uoshikisushi.com {still under construction apparently}

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