Vietnam Noodle Star 🍜⭐️

📍 4188 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario

Hello hello! Today we’re at Vietnam Noodle Star.
I actually come here pretty often because the proximity is close to my house.

Throughout the years that I’ve been here, they’ve definitely upgraded quite a bit. They’ve changed the look of the menus, as well as expanded the store to fit more customers.

Vietnam Noodle Star is a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese food. I usually get the Pho/”House Special here cause I really enjoy it – I do know some people who don’t because it’s not authentic, or it’s not the “right” type of noodle, etc. From time to time, I do eat their “Penang Laksa” or “Seafood Laksa“, heehee. They also have condiments on the side of each table consisting of squid sauce, hoi sin sauce, lat jiu yao or hot chili oil and sriracha sauce. Personally, I loveloveloveee lat jiu yao – probably a +1 for this place in my books, as most Pho places I go to don’t have it. They usually have sriracha, and I don’t like that as much…

We were seated fairly quickly because of the time we arrived there – We arrived after lunch time so about 2PM-ish. Ever since they expanded, I’ve never had to wait too long for a seat.
Side story; I drove there – making it my first drive everrr!! Okay, back to food review.

2015-10-15 14.45.38.jpg

Deep Fried Chicken Fillet on Rice (comes with fish sauce)

This is the Deep Fried Chicken Fillet on Rice. This dish does come with fish sauce, making me think that it’s from the Vietnamese culture.. I could be wrong. Chewy chicken, very savoury but that slice of orange was pretty pointless as it was sooooooooo thin/not juicy at all…

2015-10-15 14.43.48.jpg

Seafood Laksa noodle – with only egg noodle

Seafood Laksa came with a variety of seafood and it usually comes with egg noodles (yellow, pictured above) and rice noodle (a thin white noodle). Some of the seafood included are squid, shrimp, crab meat and mussel. This dish is spicy – but if you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I can handle spicy food quite a bit, so this dish doesn’t taste spicy to me at all so I usually add lat jiu yao, mmmmm. As I don’t like rice noodles as much, I always ask for just egg noodles (and my mom complies with it, heehee, Thanks Mummy!).
Tell me if you like egg noodles or rice noodles down in the comments! 🙂

To be frank, when I come to Asian places to eat, I usually pay cash because I’ve always experienced:

  1. The need to pay a surcharge upon using my debit/credit card at Asian places, or
  2. the place is sketchy and I don’t feel safe using my cards, or
  3. they simply don’t accept debit card but only cash and credit cards!

I’m not sure if Vietnam Noodle Star will have a surcharge when using a debit/credit card but I suggest paying via cash anyways 🙂 !

Till next time, ♥

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