McDonald’s McWrap! 🌯

📍 Food court in Eaton Centre @ 220 Yonge St, Suite 110, Toronto, Ontario

Being a university student, yes, I will eat at fast food places.
And since my university is in the middle of the Downtown core, fast food is everywhereeeeeeeeeeee! Though unhealthy, it is super convenient to eat during my 1 hour break between classes.

My favourite cashier here is Diana and she’s always on the far right side when you enter this McDonald’s in the morning! Her attitude with her regular customers is real because she’s so down to earth and she has a couple of regulars whom she knows their orders and they also come and chat with her briefly in the morning which I love. The other cashiers aren’t as friendly as her when it came to customer service – she recognizes which customer gets what as sometimes she’ll look at that specific customer and personally hand them their coffee, and to also check on orders when they are just standing on the side 🙂 . Which is why I always line up to order from her whenever I see her in the store.

Now for McDonald’s new Sausage and Hashbrown Morning McWrap! Clearly, I saw the commercial and thought “wow, it’s like a Sausage Egg McMuffin but in a burrito!”, even though the egg was scrambled instead of sunny side up.

Anyways I decided to try it yesterday since I was slightly early for class, heehee. Besides the “Sausage and Hashbrown McWrap“, a “Kale and Feta McWrap” is also available!

2015-10-28 10.14.35.jpg
McWrap vs my hand…

As you can see, the McWrap is super huge!!! I believe it’s around $4(?) without the combo.

I never even had a regular McWrap before, so I was shocked that the McWrap was so bloody huge!! I was thinking it’d be more of the size like the Breakfast Burritos they have…

Also for those not in Canada – the Monopoly sticker thing you see on the McWrap is a Marketing gimmick that McDonalds do every year and I got sucked into it this year… 🙁 !

2015-10-28 10.49.20.jpg
Top view, as when you would first open it

When you first open it, you can’t see much as to what is being put into the burrito… so I took a few bites and took a mid-way picture for you guys to see.

2015-10-28 10.51.04.jpg
After a few bites…

As you can see, they really stuffed the burrito with a lot of eggs, so the majority I felt like I was eating were the eggs – I mean, at least I’m getting more bang for my buck. I usually like to pepper my eggs, so maybe I’ll do that next time I eat this.

The tortilla was soft and chewy. The hashbrown taste were really distinctive every bite, however I can’t say the same for the sausage. At the end of the burrito, I found more sausage bits there but per bite as I ate my McWrap, I felt like it needed more sausage.

It was SUPER filling and I didn’t eat till dinner time which was about 6PM ish.. and I had a full load of classes today so that McWrap was a good decision! 🙂 . I’d totally suggest to grab this if you’re having a long day and won’t have time to eat inbetween.

I’m actually kind of craving this right now…

Till next time, ♥

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