Canyon Creek ✨🍷

📍 430 Progress Ave, Scarborough, Ontario

Fancy dinner time!

It was my birthday a few days ago and we went to eat at a steakhouse for our “once in awhile” fancy occasion. Heehee.

Hi V, heehee

Craving for steak so we ended up at a nearby Canyon Creek.

It was our first time (ever) here, and we were seated fairly quickly as we did arrive to the restaurant around 9pm. We sat at one of these seats (shown below). Our booth was on the inside and had a nice romantic wall light along with a real candle on the table – not one of the “fake” push-a-button ones hahaha.

Do note that there wasn’t any hooks to hang our coats, because some places like Milestones have that per table.. so our coats and my purse were just all plopped in our seats.

Our initial waitress greeted us about after 5-8 minutes, introduced herself and gave us water. When serving us water, she actually slammed (maybe slammed isn’t the right word… like aren’t they supposed to be fancy and delicate when serving??) the glass and it made me jump. That was a -1 in my books. After asking if we wanted anything else to drink, she left us to look at the menu.

Their menu consisted of Steak options (yaaaaas), appetizers like salads and soups, side entrees of chicken tacos, korean fried chicken and a special type of guacamole, pastas, burger sliders and main salads.

Our eyes focused on the Steak section of the menu since that’s what we came for. I was debating against the Steak & Shrimp, Mushroom Truffletta or the Steak & Lobster Mash. All sounding super yummy!!

Either we were both going to get a specialty steak, or 2 simple steaks and an appetizer or side entree of some sort – but none of those really peaked our interest so we decided on the Mushroom Truffletta and the Steak & Lobster Mash.

Our server switched mid-way apparently because her shift was done. So Server #2 took our orders instead, and she seemed slightly unprofessional in terms of posture, her words, etc… Or maybe I’m just picky.

2015-12-04 23.07.21.jpg
Complimentary bread and “butter”

“Butter” because it doesn’t taste like butter at all… And the bread has small pieces of raisins (I’m assuming.. could be totally wrong) inside which has a light taste with a hard crust which is really nice.

And it came on a really fancy pizza board thing haha.. Although the best complimentary bread I had came with olive oil and vinegar dipping.. YUM.

2015-12-04 23.03.28.jpg
L’s Mushroom Truffletta Steak (MTS)

After a few minutes of wait, our steaks have arrived!!
Both of them look so bloody amaaaazing and mouth-watering. Mmmmm.

L‘s Mushroom Truffletta Steak came with Steak drizzled with Truffletta mushroom and sauce along with mashed potatoes and side veggies consisting of snow peas, carrots and cauliflower.

2015-12-04 23.04.41.jpg
My Steak & Lobster Mash (SLM)

My Steak & Lobster Mash came with a typical steak (sadly) along with my lobster infused mash(!!!) and the same side veggies. I thought my steak would come along with some sort of sauce, but it was just a usual steak 🙁 .

2015-12-04 23.00.46.jpg
Big beautiful chunks of lobster within my mashed potatoes

Super super satisfied with my lobster mashed potatoes as I was afraid that they’d be stingy with the lobster pieces. But look how big it was! There was at least 8 big pieces and couple of mini bites here and there. Super duper yummy for sure.

L rates his dish a 7/10 – because he doesn’t fancy sauce on his steak, but I do! And he rates my dish a 9/10 – because he loves lobster, and this steak has no sauce. I rated his dish a 9/10 and my own a 7/10, hahaha.

I mentioned how we should’ve just switched plates, even though we pretty much shared both our meals together. Our meal was good.

Calling for the bill took forever, our server was gone and we were the only ones within that area… So no one was walking around our area to serve us. We waited quite a bit before she came back and offered us the dessert menu but we just wanted the bill.

Our total came up to about $80, including tips. We don’t usually eat at fancy places or steak that often to be honest, but once in awhile is alright with us.

Thank you for celebrating my birthday together. He knows how much I appreciate every single thing ♥ so no sappy moments here (^^).

Till next time, ♥

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