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Annvita Tea Time

I went to Annvita with my friends for my pre-birthday celebration! We’ve decided to meet up and catch up since it has been awhile and we were all busy. It was tough to find time too as it was the start of exam season. (PS: My exam season is over! That means more posts will be coming up 😉 )

We arrived around 2-3pm I believe, and it was empty. Not surprised because it was in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. We were the only ones there till like maybe 30 minutes until other customers came. E had been here before, but it was the first high tea experience for M and myself.

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The decór was stunning and of quaint English Victorian style – I fell in luuuuvvvv! The mixture of calming blue tones and a few Christmas decorations made it seem cozy and festive.

We were greeted quickly and sat where ever we wanted. Our waitress asked if we’ve been here before and she explained about the menu, the teas offered, pastries and tea/food sets that they have. Annvita also has a “20% Daily tea special”, so be sure to ask what tea of the day it is when you go!

The menu booklet was very big and heavy… It looks like those really old school photograph books.
It was quite overwhelming at first because the tea options were endless, along with choices of pastries and desserts…

However, they have tea samples all over the store. You can smell the tea leaves, in hopes that it’ll entice you to drink that specific tea choice. The samples came in really cute containers, glass bottles and cups. Annvita also had really nice tea sets on display! Sadly, none of them are for sale ): .

Tea came in various forms of Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, Fruit tea, Milk tea and their specialty options. Their food options consisted of scones, waffles (traditional or with ice cream), salads (fruit, Caesar, green salads) and English sandwiches (cucumber, ham & cheese, curry, etc). Desserts such as lava cakes, rum panna cotta, English tea cakes, and cookies ranging from shortbreads, madeline and soda crackers were also available!
Like I said, the options were endless.

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Tea samples in glass bottles
2015-12-03 18.49.29.jpg
Elegant tea cups to accompany the tea leaves

We all had to order one tea each and we also ordered a “one person afternoon tea set”, which came with assorted pastries. There was also a two people afternoon tea set, but we just came from eating lunch so one person it is!

Upon ordering, M‘s tea wasn’t available so our waitress expressed her knowledge of teas suggested a different type of tea for her based on what she originally wanted. I think originally M wanted some type of Rose Milk tea, but our waitress offered her the Princess Rose tea instead, which was a Herbal based tea I believe. E got a type of Rose tea as well, but a Black tea base instead. & I got the Bamboo Berry from “Special Custom in China”, which is a Green tea base with Bamboo Leaf, Strawberry grain and Sunflower petals.

PS: Names of tea might not be 100% because this is based on memory.

Our waitress set up our table with our cups, Rose jelly of some sort, with custard at the bottom, and our tea was brought out later. The tea set up was very fancy and elegant. Teapots with the letter “A” embedded into it and the white cups were very classy.

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E & M’s tea sets
2015-12-03 18.51.19.jpg
My Bamboo tea with milk and sugar on the side

We all tried each other’s tea, heehee.

E & M‘s Rose teas had a sweet taste in general. My Bamboo tea was very light and subtle, which was good because I was still full after our lunch. M‘s tea said that her tea was slightly too sweet for her taste, especially after drinking it for awhile. E‘s tea was a Rose tea but with a Black tea base, so hers wasn’t as sweet compared to M‘s. I believe M‘s was a herbal Rose tea because she tried putting milk in, but it ended up curdling. Our waitress changed the cup for us, because we didn’t know M‘s was a herbal tea.. Whoops.

You can also refill your teapot with hot water, but after awhile, it does get diluted/no taste. Especially since my tea already had such a light flavour, it felt like I wasn’t tasting much after…

2015-12-03 23.28.31.jpg
One Person Afternoon Tea Set

One Person Afternoon Tea Set came in about 15 minutes after our tea arrived. It looked like a lot of us to us (because we has just finished lunch)!!! But as always, the decor and plating was on point, with their constant white and gold theme.
It looks so delicious!

The top plating was desserts whereas the bottom plate was mostly snacks and with meat. We shared this between the three of us, heehee.

2015-12-03 19.01.32.jpg
Top section of the tea set

Going to try to the best of my abilities to describe the foods!

The desserts were (from top left) the matcha cake, some swirl with a blueberry and chocolate, bowl of fruits – strawberries, cantaloupe and oranges (I believe), a salted caramel macaron, madeleine and a scone.

Food at the bottom from top right is just jam for the scone, bacon bits, shrimp cracker with fish roe and cucumber, a type of tart(?), tuna sandwich and ham sandwich and at the back, is a type of filling on the same cracker as the shrimp – not sure what type of filling that is though.

I enjoyed the bacon bits, matcha cake, scone, madeleine, salted caramel macaron, and that tart thingy.. Even though I’m not even sure what was in that tart. Actually beginning to love salted caramel macarons and madeleines a lot after trying it a few times from other places 🙂 ! The scone here is really good, and the only scones I’ve ever tried were from Starbucks. Maybe I’m beginning to like scones as well!

E had ordered the “two person afternoon set” before and she said those tasted better.

2015-12-03 23.26.28.jpg
Bottom plating with assorted snacks

After spending about 2 hours here, we split our bill and it came up to about $25 per person. We mostly spent talking and catching up before we haven’t seen each other for awhile. It was nice and not too loud as sometimes we would go to bubble tea places to catch up and that was noisy there 🙁 .

As my first time here, I thoroughly enjoyed my time, but because of the company of my friends as well as the pleasant decor. I love the decor/theme here so so much. I enjoyed my tea, I was actually afraid I wasn’t going to like my tea and would ruin my first experience. The dessert platter was just decent, nothing special.

For my first experience, I really liked the style and the vibe here. I believe most high tea places would be around the Downtown core instead of uptown. If you’re around the area and want to try it out, I would suggest this place but I don’t know too much about high tea yet.

Onward, with more high tea experiences to come! 🙂

Till next time, ♥

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