Pre-Christmas Eve 🎄

I went over for a family’s friend for Christmas Eve!

It’s nice to celebrate Christmas season because I love Christmas!! Probably my favourite season because everywhere is so festive, nicely decorated, people seem to be in a happier mood, snow (although there wasn’t any snow this year 🙁 !), reindeers (I love reindeers too)… Just everything that revolves around Christmas is so great!! 😀

2015-12-23 23.09.32.jpg
N & A Christmas Tree

Their Christmas tree was so big! Full of cute ornaments and some Disney ones as well – so cute. Obviously Christmas presents They even have a customized ornament with their names and their dog name as well!

Some of the ornaments they got was from the “One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale”, which is a Tradeshow/Exhibitions for Christmas themes and such. They have several “One of a Kind” themed exhibitions throughout the year so be sure to check them out here! I also heard before that their Christmas tickets tend to sell out pretty fast…

2015-12-23 19.00.26.jpg
Some of their Christmas ornaments
2015-12-23 23.20.04.jpg
Olaf ornament~

The table was also neatly set up with plates and festive table decoration. Their festive vibe is on point, even the couch has throw pillows of red and fur fuzzy white which was extremely soft. The candles added on a more formal setting and more classic Christmas vibe, heehee.

2015-12-23 19.29.04.jpg
Mr. Snowman!

And what better to celebrate Christmas than snowman tissues, am I right? They’re so so cute! This is exactly what I’m talking about – cute Christmas vibes!

A made this salad which surprisingly, I fell in love with because of the dressing. It was light but it was sooooooo good! The salad consisted of spinach, lima beans, beets and quinoa. I tossed some of the beets to M since I don’t quite like beets as much.

2015-12-23 23.10.58.jpg
A’s homemade salad

Some of the food from the Christmas Eve feast was (from the bottom) potato and egg salad, A’s homemade vegetarian salad, “Singapore” noodles, chicken with gravy, salmon dressed in teriyaki and some type of sweet tangy sauce, pasta and fried shrimp and spring rolls.

It’s “Singapore” noodles because… this thing doesn’t exist in Singapore. I’ve just seen it in Canada where they label this dish as “Singapore/Singaporean” when in truth, it doesn’t exist in Singapore. Not sure who created this and decided to call it that too… But hey, fun fact for you guys 🙂 !

2015-12-23 23.16.43.jpg
Before the feast…

Oooo, and another dish at the bottom is a vegan dish of falafel and a type of vegan meat stuffing thing. Sorry, I have no idea what it was. I tried them both and they’re both okay. I prefer the falafel over the other item but they’re both decent.

My absolute favourite is the potato and egg salad in the first picture. It’s sooooooooo good – I can’t explain it!!!

2015-12-23 23.18.19.jpg
Close up on the further end of the table

After eating and chatting, obviously it’s dessert time!!

Macarons and a type of gluten-free cake from Ikea (which I didn’t manage to take a photo of). The cake was alright, I took a small piece. It was an almond cake with some other stuff but it was tiny for a cake. I’d say more of a pie size, and it tasted mildly chocolate-y.

Macarons was good, especially the salted caramel flavoured one – which is my fave!
So the blue macarons are actually Vanilla flavoured and the brown ones were Salted Caramel. I tried the white one and I believe it was Coconut. The pink and red ones were Strawberry and Cranberry flavoured, but I didn’t try those ones to be sure.

2015-12-23 23.19.14.jpg
Assorted macarons

When dinner ended, N & A shared N‘s Christmas tradition in his family which was these Party Crackers. Basically everyone pulls apart the cracker at the same time and you see what you get inside! It’s random gifts of sorts and I got a sketchbook. Inside, it also came with paper crowns and some sort of riddle.

There were different coloured crowns of green, purple, yellow and pink. Both me and got yellow, coincidentally -which was cute until S pulled a yellow crown as well… Hahaha.

It was quite an eye opener for me to experience this, and it was quite fun getting everyone involved.

I tried to put the yellow crown on puppy Mochi too but it was too big so it went around his neck instead. Although I did somehow managed to put the crown on his head and he didn’t fidget as much, which was so cute, heehee!

2015-12-23 23.13.21.jpg
Party Crackers!

The rest of the night was more chill, and relaxing. Dinner was fun and eventful! I enjoyed it alot, and I have a lot more food posts coming up, because this holiday season feels like I’ve never stopped eating, hahaha

Till next time, ♥


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