Christmas Eve 🎄

This is going to be a short and super sweet Christmas Eve post!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the entire dining table/food… so all I have is just the dessert portion, heehee.

Just an array of cakes, sweets, tarts, gingerbread and fruits!

2015-12-24 22.49.46.jpg
Sweet setup…

At the bottom were tarts, chocolate chip cookies and brownies – I didn’t manage to get a zoomed in picture of it. The brownies were so delicious – but obviously had to hold myself back because sharing is caring.

Gingerbread man are a classic Christmas treat, and I believe those are ginger molasses cookies, along with homemade chocolate bars with pretzels.

2015-12-24 22.51.08.jpg
Moar cookies!

This dessert tray is such a huge tray!!! All looks so yummy but I didn’t eat much. Those Swiss rolls are usually really good though because they’re soft and fluffy, although it does make you pretty thirsty after..

2015-12-24 22.50.23.jpg
Moar cakes!

I actually ate more of the fruits than sweets because I’m watching my sugar level… I drink a lot of soda/pop on a daily basis so I’ve been trying to cut that down a notch. Not trying to get diabetes here, plus it’s good for health to cut down sugar (at my rate)!

The fruit bowls consisted of cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, pineapple, a bit of blueberries and raspberries here and there, along with yogurt dipping in the middle. I like cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries 🙂 . Although the strawberries tasted slightly sour, so I didn’t get much of that in my 2nd round.

There was also green tea available so grabbed some of that! I also ended up spilled green tea all over the table and had to clean it up (obviously). I felt so bad 🙁 ! But it’s okay, it got cleaned up and I got a second round of tea, heehee. Green tea is good for you, plus it’s soothing with fruits after scrumptious dinner! 🙂

Till next time, ♥


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