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My final 3/3 Christmas post! Oh how I miss Christmas already…

On Christmas day, we went to Sushi Legend for dinner. & I made the mistake of not booking a table when I had called earlier to check if they’re open since it was Christmas day itself… The wait time was roughly 30-40 minutes and they gave me a number. Many reservations were made so.. yes, lesson learnt for me.

I believe this Sushi Legend location is relatively new(?), correct me if I’m wrong. Their decor is so mesmerizing upon entering the restaurant.

Upon entering…

Besides regular table setting, they also have booths which are quite nice and comfy.

Sushi Legend has a semi-old school ordering of sushi, which was to write how many orders you’d like besides that specific item.

The menu is pretty huge, and I think I’m getting used to ordering via the iPads now. Because you don’t need to ask everyone what they want, and there are pictures to visually aid. Although their menu does a good job of describing the ingredients used – especially for their specialty sushi rolls, it really helped a lot!


** The pictures are mostly in how the orders came **

First up, miso soup! I always get miso soup when I go into an ayce sushi place, because 1) it’s delicious (depends, obviously) & 2) I don’t drink it that often/can’t find a place to just buy miso soup… Even if I did, it’d probably be over my budget and I can’t justify the price for that.

2015-12-25 20.35.17.jpg
Miso Soup

Surprisingly, they have Beef Tataki because I don’t see most ayce places that have this. I tried it before and know that I don’t quite fancy it but decided to grab it again and maybe it’ll change my mind. To be honest, the Beef Tataki had no flavour.. tasted just like a regular piece of beef from Pho or something.

2015-12-25 20.35.26.jpg
Beef Tataki

“My Angel” roll was one of Sushi Legend’s specialty rolls! This was pretty decent, and tasted slightly tangy because of the teriyaki sauce.

The typical Spicy Crabmeat, Spicy Salmon and Salmon sushi – which you can probably attain from anywhere. Their “spicy” doesn’t really taste spicy at all.

2015-12-25 20.40.04.jpg
Spicy Crabmeat, Spicy Salmon, and Salmon sushi

So these two are under Sushi Legend’s specialty rolls as well.. Although I had forgotten what it was, but the one on top tasted better than the one at the bottom with sriracha sauce.

2015-12-25 22.27.44.jpg
Volcano Roll and something else…

Salmon Rose was ordered for M because she loves it. I used to like this alot too but I’m can probably only eat one or two pieces because I think I’m sick of it now, hahaha

It is basically salmon pieces wrapped around a ball of rice, but there is a type of sauce and fish roes on top 🙂

2015-12-25 22.29.57.jpg
Salmon Rose

Takoyaki is a must try thing now for me in every ayce sushi place that offers it! The halves though, they aren’t as great as having an entire circle ball but every piece has a piece of squid in it – so it isn’t too bad, unless you got an unlucky piece. I have seen these Takoyaki in halves being offered in supermarkets though, hahah

2015-12-25 22.29.23.jpg
Takoyaki (in halves)

These steak cubes are also a must have every time I go to an ayce sushi place. Everyone just loves this dish! Places like Uoshiki and Tenichi gives more than this though..

2015-12-25 20.43.58.jpg
Steak cubes

This Sake Mussel is apparently under a Sushi Legend recommendation category of some sort and I decided to give it a go, but it just tastes like an ordinary mussel…. We only ordered one order pbut we got two instead, not exactly a complaint here.

2015-12-25 22.30.47.jpg
Sake Mussel

This is a must NOT order!!! I know it said “Salted Squid” in the menu but it was legitimately so bloody salty, I couldnt even finish it.. Thank god there was only one order for this because it was so horrible!

2015-12-25 20.45.55.jpg
Salted Squid

I didn’t try this dish because it didn’t look appealing to me and apparently it just tasted like regular shrimp with breadcrumbs or something over it. Nothing wowzah from their “specialty corner”..

2015-12-25 20.46.18.jpg
Sushi Legend’s Specialty – “Rock Island Shrimp”

Ummm yes!! By far my fav, it’s just steak with a thick sauce – almost like Teriyaki sauce – wrapped around enoki mushrooms. Some places have this as well but they include green onion – which I don’t like. So yes, this was so good!! Soft and chewy!

2015-12-25 22.31.11.jpg
Beef wrapping Enoki mushrooms

Chicken katsu was decent, tasted regular. I quite like the curry taste, I haven’t tried much Japanese curry in general. Japanese curry are known to be sweeter than spicy!

Definitely haven’t seen this dish in other ayce sushi places though

2015-12-25 22.29.00.jpg
Chicken Katsu with Curry dipping sauce

Sashimi – usually the highlight of during a “dinner” ayce sushi place because they don’t offer sashimi at lunch time. The sashimi here is so horrible – we didn’t get our first order of sushi and we had to ask about it. When it came, the crab meat was dry and tasted bad – as if they didn’t store it properly. Surf calm tasted way too rubbery, just horrid. Salmon was just okay.

Sashimi – Salmon, Crabmeat & Surf clam

“The Sunny” roll is part of the specialty rolls, which didn’t tasted too bad. I like salmon on top.

2015-12-25 21.16.54.jpg
2nd round of Sushi! “The Sunny” Roll, Spicy Salmon and Salmon with Avocado Roll

Spicy Seafood Ramen didn’t really consist much of seafood – just 2 squids and one shrimp… It wasn’t even spicy because some of us can’t handle spice and they still found it okay while eating the spicy ramen/udon.

I also don’t know why I always get ramen/udon at ayce sushi places because they always taste bad…

2015-12-25 21.17.22.jpg
Spicy Seafood Ramen

Pad thai was an alternative they offered among their rice/noodle section. They even have fried rice, salmon rice I believe, and more!

2015-12-25 21.17.04.jpg
Pad Thai

Their desserts wasn’t as much as I’d like – they don’t serve chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Feeling like some ayce sushi places doesn’t do that anymore.

Some of the desserts that they offer are Vanilla, Red bean, Matcha, Mango ice cream, Coffee Pudding, Tiramisu, Mango Pudding, Mango Yogurt, Fried Banana (which was named something weird like Banana Teppanyaki – you ain’t fooling no one!) and probably a little bit more.

In my share of desserts, I got Coffee Pudding (top right), Tiramisu, Creme brulee and Matcha ice cream. The Coffee Pudding tasted abit odd… just tasted like coffee in a shot glass – nothing special. Tiramisu was alright as well.

2016-01-01 00.04.21.jpg
Dessert dessert!!

Creme Brulee was soft at the bottom with caramelized top. The caramelized top tasted sweet and yummy, whereas the bottom is soft and creamy custard. I really enjoyed it, although they gave so little 🙁 , oh well!

2015-12-25 22.00.09.jpg
Creme Brulee up close!

Food was better than I had expected but the service wasn’t up to par. Most of the servers here don’t really understand English and you either have to speak Cantonese or Mandarin. I managed to find one girl who spoke proper English and helped with us quite abit.

Other than that, I don’t think this place is half bad. But their service wasn’t too great, it could be during the holiday season though but I didn’t really like their service there.

But always reserve a table during busy or holiday season, that’s for sure!

Till next time, ♥

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