Fishball Place @ Pacific Mall 🍢

📍 Food Court @ 2nd Floor of Pacific Mall @ 4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario

One of the few things I (80%) do when I go to Pacific Mall or P-Mall is to get bubble tea, get curry/spicy fishballs and egg waffles!
Or to grab a phone case, screen protector, gifts for friends… but on a more common basis, I come for the snacks!

This is my ultimate fav curry/spicy fishball place to grab snacks from!

They had to relocate upstairs in the food court after PMall decided to switch things up with their layout so now all the food stands are upstairs with the exception of bubble tea stores and packaged snacks stores on ground level.

2015-12-21 12.25.36.jpg
Food store with the menu and pictures

The prices are cheap, unless you’re ordering off one of the more unique food orders like mussel or escargot.

I always get the spicy fishballs and tripe whereas the Boyfriend gets the spicy beef ball, lobster balls or tripe. One stick of fishballs/beef balls is $1.20, I believe, and that’s probably the most ordered from their store.

They have a non-spicy version as well but I don’t think it’s a high level of spice. The terms of curry fishball or spicy fishball is interchangable to me so don’t get confused, hahaah.

2015-12-21 12.26.54.jpg
Where you pick up your order/behind the scenes action

You order from one side and get your order from the other side. Sometimes they give you a number and they’ll call it out.

Service is usually pretty fast as it’s just snacks. However, they don’t usually provide a lot of tissue so be wary of that.. and their tissues are pretty thin so you can ask for more if you’d like.

2015-12-22 09.40.14.jpg
Fishballs and tripe 🙂

This place never disappoints and it’s a simple snack/meal to satisfy my tastes and usually makes my trip to PMall worthwhile! Plus it’s usually not a long line up, so give it a go!
I can’t promise you won’t be left craving for more…

Till next time, ♥

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