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Recently I just had my first Escape Game/Room! I had a great time doing this, so I just want to share with you guys my experience here at Omescape 🙂 .

How Escape Game/Room works is basically a real-life game escape where clues and hints are given, and you have to solve the puzzle and escape the room, before the time runs out. Each game room usually has a theme of sorts to help with the storyline, along with difficulty level for individuals to gauge themselves. These games usually require groups, some rooms with minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 – it really depends which game room you go to, and they’ll specify the recommended amount of people for the room basing on the difficulty as well.

We had to book a time slot online in advance! I guess walk-in(s) aren’t available for these type of activities(?). We originally booked for 630PM, but because of conflicts, we ended up rebooking at a later time which was 1015PM. Booking online also required a deposit fee, and they do allow you to reschedule – but you would have to forgo your deposit should you cancel.

Omescape was hard to find because it’s behind a restaurant in a tiny plaza. The location was actually pretty ghetto and hidden because there wasn’t any signs either, and parking was pretty full even when we had arrived around 930PM.


Omescape was a combination of bubble tea (prestotea), frozen yogurt (yogen fruz), board games, and escape room in one big area. There was also a stage with chalk designs and writings for photo ops for the Escape Room contenders, which you can view on their Facebook page.

The area had an okay amount of space, their tables are pretty big – more intended for groups. They barely have any small tables for groups of 4, for example. People usually play board games and drink bubble tea while chilling in this area. It wasn’t decorated anything fancy, in terms of decor or on their walls, etc.

Selection of Escape Room themes that they offered

Omescape offers 5 different Escape Rooms – Dark Alter, The Penitentiary, The Kingdom of Cats, Joker’s Asylum and Mysterious Study. Written on each room was the difficulty level, with suggested number of people when attempting to escape that particular room. Most of it sounds horror based actually…

Our group consisted with quite a number of first timers (including myself), and with individuals who have been once or twice max. So we decided to go for The Kingdom of Cats because their difficulty level was only (3/5) which was one of their lowest difficulty levels, plus it seemed cute and fun/not scary for some of our first experiences.

The Kingdom of Cats

When we arrived, we checked in quickly with the front desk. The girl attending to us told us of their “social media promotion” which was to check in and like their page on Facebook for $5 off! Liking their page was based on each individual – which we had to show her and she checked for confirmation.

We arrived early for our appointment, but lucky for us, the room was available and we were allowed to go in earlier than expected! 🙂 . Omescape provided 2 lockers for us because as we were putting our jackets (because winter), it wasn’t enough to fit everyone’s… so they gave us 2 lockers instead – which was nice of them to do so. The guy escorting us also said to leave our phones in the lockers, in order to maximize the experience – like no cheating or Googling or extra flashlight, etc.

We watched a video regarding the rules and regulations of the Games. In Omescape, they said not to remove any paintings or decorations. In some other Escape Rooms, removing paintings were allowed. But each place is different in it’s own way. We were also offered a radio if we needed hints throughout the game – they offered unlimited hints for us (not sure if it was for everyone/every room).

After that, we were given blind folds and asked form a line and put your hands on the individual infront of you. We were led into the room, and the guy read the story line of the room to us. Given the story line, it helps with the ambience and puts you in sync with the theme of the room!

Obviously, no spoilers here but we were sooooo close to escaping the room!! I think most people say this, hahaha, but we were actually really close!!!

Good luck!

I had a lot of fun, and I would honestly give it a 9/10! The decor and set up was really well and seemed very professional. Everything was relating towards the theme of the room, and how everything in the puzzle connected. I do enjoy puzzle games, so that could be an attribute towards my rating.

I was doing research about Omescape before heading there and most people said that the quality of the place was better than most! It was pretty pricey ($28 with social media discount) but I’m happy that I got what I paid for. Some other places have a cheaper price, but apparently their quality isn’t that great either.

The only bad thing about having a good first experience is that it will only get worse when heading to other Escape Rooms. But I am glad I had a great first time, and with the company I was with made it fun and definitely some memorable parts during the game!

& If you decide to check it out, good luck on your escape!

Till next time, ♥

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