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Whipped up something simple and quick for breakfast on my school day at home!

Instead of making my avocados a mashed spread, I just cut them up in slices and placed them over my eggs and toast.

2016-01-06 01.25.10.jpg

One egg came out sunny side up and the other became scrambled because my yolk broke when I cracked my egg… sadly 🍳 . And let me tell you that it was haaarrrd to eat my toast because my scrambled eggs kept dropping off each bite I took…

I also added pepper (to taste) because when I ate pure avocado for the first time, it have much flavour to me… even though I say that I love avocados.

This is an easy meal to make and what a nice way to start your day off great! Just to give you perspective, I can’t cook at all much, so this shouldn’t make you break a single sweat!
& With each bite, it makes me feel like I’m eating super healthy/treating my body right! Avocados seem to have that effect on my mindset, and just gives me a strong boost to start off my day.

Till next time, ♥


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