Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu 🍚

📍 5445 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario

98% of the time when I come around this area is because I’m craving for this dish. This hot soup dish is absolutely perfect for colder weather!

Soontofu or Soondubu is probably my favourite Korean dish so far because it usually comes spicy, it has both meat (should you choose), egg(s), and veggies (tofu, cabbage and stuff)! Not to mention, Korean places always give side dishes – even though I’ve had better side dishes elsewhere instead of here, haha

#3 – Super spicy please!

Both E and I get the same order #3, just different levels of spiciness. At this restaurant, they have about 5 levels of spice – from white/plain (aka no spice at all) to super spicy (my favourite!!). They also have different variations of Soontofu/Soondubu – kimchi, seafood and I believe pork. E and I always get kimchi aka number 3, haha. Don’t fret, the kimchi option still has some sort of meat inside.

Along with the soup, which will come in a heated bowl so the soup will stay warm the entire time. It’ll also come with purple coloured rice, which I believe is actually mixed with red bean. They’ll also provide side dishes in the beginning, along with an egg so you can crack it and let it cook when your soup arrives.

Note: They are a speciality Soontofu/Soondubu restaurant, which means they serve majorly of Soontufu/Soondubu options and only 1 other food option which is Bibimbap.

The service here is alright, although they always ask if you parked in the back. Not sure why this is the case.. However, the price is cheap and good because this meal always fills me up, even when I’m staaaaaarving. Definitely my go-to place for Soontofu/Soondubu!! If only it was closer…

Till next time, ♥

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