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Throwback to Valentine’s Day, when he surprised me with macarons ♥ !

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Valentine’s Day box

Was craving macarons lately and he surprised me with it on Valentine’s Day! Apparently, he just Googled and stumbled upon this place – which was relatively close by and had just recently opened up too! Their main flagship store is in Richmond Hill.

The box came with a special Valentine’s day cover, when given 2 choices of box covers. Ruelo Patisserie also slipped in a little bookmark of sort that lists some of their macaron flavours (which was helpful to identify the flavour while eating), and some of their store information.

Now with a set of 12 assorted macarons, let’s get on with the tasting! 😀

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  1. Cassis – 2/5
    • Has a very strong blackcurrent flavour, and not a sweet type like Ribena. If it has more of a Ribena type of tasting, I think I’d like it more! If you don’t know what Ribena is, here you go!
  2. Fleur de sel caramel – 1/5
    • Was pretty salty, not really my thing
  3.  Wasabi grapefruit – 0/5
    • Flavour was very unique and was just not for me. I don’t even like wasabi in general, but decided to try it anyways but I just couldn’t handle the strong wasabi taste. Good if you like wasabi though!
  4. Vanilla – 4/5
    • Savoury vanilla smell and taste and not too sweet. Just enough to taste the vanilla.
  5. Pistachio raspberry – 4/5
    • I like the pistachio flavour without the raspberry filling, but this combination was still alright for me. The raspberry filling was only in the middle part of the macaron, so I still enjoyed it.
  6. Rose lychee raspberry – 4/5
    • Love it! Rose sprinkles on top of the macaron, which is pleasing to the eyes. It was a light, not super sweet type of macaron. I didn’t really taste lychee though…
  7. Passionfruit – 3/5
      • Tasted really odd, but definitely could taste the passion fruit with every bite.
  8. Blueberry lemon – 0/5
    • Was a definite no. It tasted toooo sour for me, and I couldn’t even finish it! I’m not a fan of sour items.
  9. Raspberry – 2/5
    • It was alright, raspberry tasting, and not a big fan of raspberries as you can tell….
  10. Creme brulee – 5/5
    • I love this flavour!! Honestly thought it was a “salted caramel” type of flavour. Tangy all over my taste buds.
  11. Ruelo signature macaron – 5/5
    • Absolute love!! Was a mix of chocolate and coffee(?) type of flavour. You definitely have to try this when you come here!
  12. Yuzu – 1/5
    • Tasted really odd in my opinion, not even sure how to describe this one.

Out of 12, I’ve majorly liked about 2-3 of them! But Ruelo Patisserie has other flavours like Espresso, Cream Cheese Orange and Earl Grey that I’m intrigued to try. Maybe we’ll be back later for more, heehee.

Thank you for satisfying my cravings (as always). Everyday is sweet and wonderful with you ðŸ™‚ .

Till next time, ♥

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