Pho Hong Ha 🍤🍜

📍 4271 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, Ontario

At Pho Hong Ha today, craving for some Vietnamese food!

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They sell the typical Pho, other noodles, rice dishes but I usually come for the vermicelli bowls! Because their grilled pork here is the bombbbbbbbb!

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Vermicelli bowls… yaas

Tried the Strawberry slush with tapioca bubble tea here, and it’s not bad. You can taste the strawberry bits with each sip. The tapioca balls aren’t as chewy as I’d like it to be, so it depends on preference.

Tea is naturally provided in an Asian restaurant. In Pho Hong Ha, tissues and utensils are all stacked up at the side of the table and I usually like to clean my utensils with the hot tea before I use them because who knows how long they’ve been there? Just a tip 😉

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Strawberry slush with tapioca balls

Our food came pretty fast, all of us ordered vermicelli bowls – pretty easy job for the chef if you ask me. Hahaha.

Most of the others ordered #85, which was Grilled Pork and Spring roll. Vermicelli bowls are vermicelli noodles with tons of vegetables like lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and radish with the type of meat which was grilled pork and spring roll, sprinkled with crunchy peanut bits and green onion!

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Personally, I don’t like the spring roll here so I got #81 instead, which was Grilled Prawn with Pork to try for the first time. And I don’t necessarily like this option either because the prawns were fried with their shells on – and I’m a bit wary of eating prawns with shells.. I usually peel them off. So when I did try to peel off the skin, well, 1) it was hard to peel it, and 2) there wasn’t much meat from the prawn left…

Each vermicelli bowl came with a side bowl of soup and a bowl of fish sauce which you’d drizzle all over your vermicelli bowl so it wouldn’t get too dry while eating your noodles.

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Service here was alright and we went at a quiet time so we were easily noticed by the waiter. The space is huge so you’d definitely get a seat when you come. The wait for food is never unreasonable. Although I’d have to say, parking here is really limited and is pretty tight so that’d be a negative.

I have had the Pho here before but don’t enjoy it quite as much mainly because they don’t have the type of chili oil that I like, and they use a different type of noodles. The noodles aren’t a big thing, like I’d still eat it. It just feels plain to eat without my usual chili oil.. so I turn to the vermicelli bowls!

I really enjoy the vermicelli bowls because, like I said, the grilled pork here is sooo good!! There’s just something about it that makes it so chewy and tender. Major yum!! Plus it usually comes with lots of veggies which makes the meal fresh and crunchy.

100% recommend the vermicelli bowls, so do get it when you’re here!

Till next time, ♥

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