McDonald’s treats in Hong Kong 🍪🍵

📍 1 Sky Plaza Road, Hong Kong

A layover at Hong Kong International Airport was necessary on my most recent trip to somewhere… You’ll see soon 😉

Shots of airplanes is always necessary…

Reaching the airport super early usually means nothing much is open except McDonald’s! Not really that hungry but wanting something to drink, the McDonald’s splits into two – one is McCafe, where you purchase hand-crafted beverages like lattes and treats like swiss roll cakes, croissants, macarons while the other is your typical McDonald’s with their food options like Big Breakfast, hashbrowns, etc.

When lining up for McCafe, they also sell Waffles, and other treats like Marshmallow Latte?! Whaaaaaa… It sounded sweet though.

Waffles and other treats~

I’ve actually seen via Instagram that this McDonald’s sold macarons and it got me intrigued because Canada McDonald’s don’t sell macarons – or any sweets besides cookies…. So I wanted to try some!

Macarons and drinks

So I decided to try two macaronscreme brulee & coffee – and gotten myself an iced green tea latte and coffee for my sister.

First of all, let me just say, you can never go wrong with creme brulee macarons… It always tastes sooooooo good.

Both macaron flavours were good, not overly sweet, but I found them extremely chewy? Like a chewy chocolate chip cookie type of chewy. Found that odd, perhaps it was on the shelf a little too long? But still enjoyed it. Really liked the iced green tea latte, was refreshing to have a “real” drink after getting off the airplane!

Till next time, ♥

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