Pho Ling’s 🍗🍜

📍 Food court in First Markham Place @ 3255 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario

Nothing better than take out when you’re not dressed nice enough to eat out, hahaha. With sweats on and a cap, I wasn’t feeling like sitting and eating in a public area. So we got take out instead!

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FMP’s food court!

Pho Ling’s in First Markham Place is located near the stage when you enter First Markham Place (FMP), on the left side. It’s a cute little store that specializes in Vietnamese food. I think they’re like the only store in FMP that specializes in Vietnamese food.

I’ve came here a few times and it’s a family owned restaurant. The owners are both really nice and sweet! They can speak both Cantonese and Vietnamese besides English, so it’s good to be able to communicate with them in Cantonese and get to know them a bit better (since I don’t know Vietnamese at all). & I believe they’re open half day on Wednesdays.

2016-01-09 18.37.51-1.jpg
Pho Ling’s bright yellow sign with the Pho symbol

The taste of authentic Vietnamese food can be noted compared to some of the other places that I’ve been to. Plus the price range is pretty cheap too, because it’s from a food court instead of a restaurant. I always get full from eating here, totally worth it!

We got bun cha gio which is #32 (I believe), it’s the grilled pork chop and spring roll vermicelli dish.

Honestly though, Pho Ling’s has the best spring roll I’ve ever tried among all the other Vietnamese restaurants!! It’s big, crispy and crunchy. Also, it’s not stuffed with vegetables like some restaurants.. some restaurants stuff their spring roll with radish and carrots.. just not my style y’know. Their spring rolls is chewy and full of meat, heehee.

2015-11-12 20.49.21.jpg
After sorting out our takeout in a bowl… yum!

So it’s just lettuce or sometimes cucumbers, spring roll and grilled pork on vermicelli noodles with fish sauce on the side. It’s up to you how much fish sauce you want in your dish, but I like wet noodles instead of dry noodles so I tend to add more fish sauce than a usual person I guess. I just cut up the spring roll into smaller pieces, whereas the pork chop was already cut up for us.

Pho Ling’s also serves Pho, Bun bo hue, several other noodles and other rice dishes. You have to try the spring rolls if you come to Pho Ling’s – a must get! / super duper highly recommended!

Till next time, ♥

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