Tiong Bahru Market (Part 1) 🍴

📍 Tiong Bahru Market, 30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore

Tiong Bahru Market has a wet market on the first floor, and a hawker centre on the 2nd floor!

With tons of food stores to choose from, be sure to follow where the locals eat sometimes! It’s not hard to miss when you see people starting to queue up from a certain stall… The wait may be long, but I can assure you that the wait is worth it!!

Compiling a few of Tiong Bahru Market‘s goodies here:

Chwee Keuh

Chwee Kueh has a very starchy and oily texture to it – with soft, slightly chewy toppings on top. This dish will fill you up in no time!

Singapore-style Glutinous Rice / Nuo Mi Fan

This Glutinous rice dish has a Singaporean-style twist added to it. Sprinkled with peanuts and fried onion on top, this crunchy simply dish will satisfy your tummy.

Lor Mee
Lor Mee

Lor Mee is a savoury dish. Sticky type of sauce mixed in with the noodles, the taste of it will be lingering in your mouth after each bite! Oh yes, it does taste better with chili 😉

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian dish – served up on a coconut milk rice, the store usually has options for whatever toppings you’d like to add on. Some popular choices are ikan bilis/anchovies (tiny crunchy fishes), cucumber, chicken wing, egg, peanuts and chili paste! It really is up to you. Nothing can beat nasi lemak’s fragant smell of the coconut milk rice – you’ve got to try it when you go to Singapore.

Mee Pok Tah (take out)

Last one for this post is Mee Pok Tah. Tah = Dry noodles. This fishball noodle can also come in a soup variation. It can also come in a minced pork + mushrooms noodle, both soup or dry as well.

In Singapore, when you do take out, food will be served like this. In plastic takeout bags or for rice, in brown packaging (will probably be shown somewhere throughout my Singapore trip posts). Even drinks can be put in one of these bags! It’s such a different culture, which I really appreciated when I was there.

Plus, it makes my noodles simple to mix in and easy to eat – just straight out of the bag.

Mee Pok Tah
Mee Pok Tah

And when you’re not doing take out, this is how Mee Pok Tah looks like! A clearer and better view of this dish, that comes with soup that is soooooo good. If you’re wondering if the soup is good because of the chili floating in the picture, the answer is yes.

Singapore has so much spicy food, it truly is my paradise. I love it – from fast foods to local hawker foods, it’s everywhere. Fear not, because you can enjoy your meal without spice as well!
That’s the versatile factor in Singaporean food… but believe me, with spice, it’s so much better. Heehee.

Till next time, ♥

For more nomz – Virtual Map of Tiong Bahru Market & Tiong Bahru Market – Yelp


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