Fast food life in Singapore 🍟

📍 Singapore

Fast food is no doubt in every country, in my opinion.
So off I went to Singapore’s McDonald’s and KFC.

At McDonald’s, I got the McSpicy burger because they don’t have it here in Canada. They have the usuals of Big Mac, chicken nuggets… so I got the McSpicy. NO regrets what-so-ever. This burger was (no doubt) spicy.. Spicy chicken. Which I believe a comparison to this would be a Zinger burger from KFC, but the spiciness level doesn’t compare.

McD fries are just as good, and surprise, they offer chili sauce besides ketchup. Singapore is just full of chili… *chili heaven*~

Sorry for the burger being bitten, I got really excited and ate right away.

Bitten McSpicy


At KFC, I believe it was the Bandito box combo meal. It comes with a drink, bandito pockett wrap, 1 piece of chicken and a side of either mashed potatoes or coleslaw. I wanted both sides so I got them both.

Bandito pockett looks like how it is on the packaging. You can also have spicy or non-spicy options for your chicken. You don’t even need to guess which flavour I picked.
How I wish fast food was consistent worldwide because I love Singapore KFC sooooooooooooo much… it’s ridiculous.

Bandito Box Meal

Fast food may seem like it’s the same everywhere, but in every country, there’s always something different about it due to the economics or dietary of how the city lives.
Maybe I should make it a thing to eat McDonald’s in every country I visit or something, hahaha.

Till next time, ♥


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