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📍 351 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

My 8AM morning class got cancelled… With almost 3/4 of the students in class groaned when a lady came in to announce that our class was cancelled 30 minutes after starting time.

With another class at 12PM, you can see how tempted I was to go home. Instead, I stayed at the Ryerson SLC building to study until 11AM which was when Basil Box opens!

Happy at the convenience of the Basil Box location, which was right underneath the SLC. I’ve been meaning to try this place out and here it is!

Take-out bag!

Basil Box opens at 11AM and I got there about 11:20AM. There was a few people sitting inside and eating already and no line up when I got there.

The guy attending to me was really nice. Asked if I had been here before, and continued to explain the menu to me. He also answered my questions which was pretty helpful.

Menu ~

5 Step process at the Basil Box:

  1. Choose your base; either noodles, rice or salad
  2. Choose 2 veggies; lemon grass corn, peppers, green beans or sweet potatoes
  3. Choose your meat, yum yum yum; chicken, shrimp, steak or tofu
  4. Choose your sauce; they have 5 options, with spicy and non-spicy alternatives
  5. Sprinkle some toppings!

It doesn’t matter what box combination you get, the total is always ends up to be $9.45 (+ tax).

Mmmmmmm yum

I got the chilled rice noodles, with lemon grass corn and sweet potatoes, steak, penang curry along with fresh thai chilies and crushed peanuts.

I’m not usually a fan eating chilies upfront like that, but I didn’t really like any of the other options so I chose that instead..

This is an odd thing about me… but even though there was nobody else in line, I felt pressured to order and pick something fast because.. I don’t even know why I feel/act this way. I feel bad that the server has to wait for me?

Chilled rice noodles, with sweet potato and corn, steak cubes, peanuts and Penang curry sauce!

My mistake for this meal was that I didn’t read the “chilled” in the “chilled rice noodles”. I assumed it was going to be warm, and didn’t like it when I found out it was cold ): !!

But everything else was great!! The steak cubes were delicious – extremely chewy but still full of flavour. The combination of crushed peanuts, corn, sweet potatoes were all a mix of crunchy, sweet, and savoury. The portions were bigger and way more generous than I had expected. Penang curry was the spicest sauce there, with a heat level of 3, and damm, it was killer after I reached the half mark point of my meal. Although I could barely taste the curry flavour… all I could taste was the spiciness.

Live. Love. Eat.

There was ample seating space and with this “Live. Love. Eat.” sign, it definitely makes Basil Box slightly more Instagram-able.

I’ll be back soon, but definitely would pick a base more suited towards my taste buds! And perhaps would try the sizzling sriracha sauce which heat level is 2 to see if I can handle that instead.

Till next time, ♥

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