Dolce Tokyo @ Bugis Junction 🍴

📍 200 Victoria Street, #03-10H, Singapore @ Bugis Junction

Located right in Bugis Junction, it was convenient to just stop by to take a shopping break at Dolce Tokyo.

Their cafe is very rustic inspired, which gives a different atmosphere compared to when you’re in the mall.

Cool art piece

We focused more on the lunch specials because it seems more value for that price. It costs about $11 and it also comes with iced lemon tea or coffee. We went for the main courses because… more bang for your buck right? Main courses also comes with a side.

We went with 2 grilled chicken thighs and 2 battered fish fillet – we selected all the choices of sides and both sauces so we tried them all! Mushroom sauce sounded weird on battered fish fillet so I asked for it on the side. Essentially, battered fish fillet is also fish ‘n chips.

While deciding to order, we thought servers would bring us water. Having waited awhile, we asked a server to bring us water – but was notified that plain water are self served here. So that’s what we did ~


Our drinks came first. We ordered 1 hot coffee, 1 iced coffee and 2 iced lemon teas.

Both fish fillets came first with sauce on the side. Our dishes also came with salad, vinaigrette dressing (I believe), chili sauce (because Singapore), our sides and main dish. I was surprised it was chili sauce because I had expected it to be tomato sauce.

Not long after, both chicken main courses came with the same assortments and sauce on the side as well.

Fish fillet with fries, salad, mushroom sauce and chili sauce on the side

Vinaigrette dressing was amazing with the salad. Oddly, the chili sauce tasted pretty amazing with the fries. Fish fillet is alright, so were the chicken thighs. Mushroom sauce was good as well.

However, the gravy with the mashed potatoes were really thick and salty. I had only grabbed a pinch of the gravy to try it and could already taste how strong and salty it was… Not good in my books.

Service here was alright. There wasn’t really much interaction for me to be able to criticize, really.

Chicken dishes with sides of corn and mashed potatoes

I liked the presentation of the courses. But I was also wondering how they wash the “plate” for the chicken thigh course as it seemed like those wooden chopper boards. If it is, or similar to that, bacteria usually still lies within the board – so yeah, was curious as how that works but just my thoughts.

I enjoyed my lunch at Dolce Tokyo which was great. I think it’s an alright place since we just stopped by to grab food and giving our legs a break from the walking.

Do note: If you sit at the side, at the booths, bystanders do walk by and can easily grab stuff from your booth. So just be careful of your belongings 🙂 .

Till next time, ♥

For more nomz – Facebook Page & Directory of Dolce Tokyo


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