Muah Chee 🍡

📍 Singapore

I love these! It looks difficult to see it with the packaging, but these are glutinous rice balls coated with peanuts.

Glutinous rice are also more commonly found or known as Mochi or in Chinese, Tang Yuan. In different countries, glutinous rice are made differently and in many ways. Especially in Japan, they have a lot of snacks made using glutinous rice.

Wikipedia helps a lot. In the Wiki, it states that this peanut variation is from Malaysia.


Muah Chee (or also pronounced as Muah-ji) is sticky and chewy in your mouth. Coated with peanuts, it gives a slightly crunchy texture when eating.

In general, I think I love glutinous rice-made food!!
I love Tang Yuan and I’ve had Mochi ice cream before and it was so good.

It’s just casual snack which I bought off a random store off the street. I ate it right away! It’s best eaten hot, and they usually provide toothpicks for you to pick up your Muah Chee with to eat it.

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