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📍 Unit 0425, Agincourt Mall, 3850 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, Ontario

Mhmmm, at Congee Queen today! I actually do come here pretty often because they have a wide variety of food and it’s a good place for big crowds for dinner or just lunch for two. Very versatile place where you can have snacks and bubble tea as well. It’s also convenient because this location is next to a Walmart and a No Frills!

The sitting area is pretty big but it’s always busy at dinner time, people/families would be left waiting for seats near the entrance.

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Menu pictures

I came here for a late lunch and ordered about two dishes. I’ve been here other times with my family and we ordered a lot, but I’ll post those foods on another post whenever I do come here.

So I ordered a main dish and a snack. My snack dish is called Zha Leung or (I believe) Dough Fritter wrapped with Rice Noodle Roll! It’s a mouthful to say, hahah. You might know the dough fritter (the golden brown part) as it is usually paired up to eat with congee/porridge. Whereas the rice noodle roll wrapped around it is sometimes seen in dim sum, where it wraps shrimp or beef around. But together, they make Zha Leung!

In the little sauce holder is soya sauce where you’d pour it all over the zha leung to add taste to it. The dipping sauces are peanut butter (I might be wrong) and hoi xin sauce respectively. I like mixing up and switching sauces per piece of zha leung.

Their presentation here was messy with the sauces spilling everywhere, it was hard to even drizzle the soya sauce all over the zha leung because the cup was stained with the sauces.

2016-02-08 15.03.13.jpg
Zha Leung or Dough Fritter wrapped with Rice Noodle Roll

For my main dish, I had curry beef brisket with rice! The presentation here is always so cute because they style the rice in a pyramid format, haha.

2016-02-08 15.09.27-1.jpg
Curry Beef Brisket with Rice

The curry here is actually pretty decent – hence why I order it from time to time. Feeling beef brisket that day, although it was hard to eat because beef brisket is super chewy and might get everywhere. They have potatoes in the curry as well! The spice level of the curry does build up over time if you do drink the curry or eat it with your rice.. so be wary of that. Was actually pretty strong for me after awhile, hahah.

2016-02-08 15.09.37-1.jpg

Depending on the time you go, it might get really busy. I went around a down time period of like 4PM-ish, so both food and being seated was quick. The waiter notified (while ordering) in advance that the curry beef was going to take a bit longer – so that was nice.

I do enjoy this place, and it’s quite convenient as mentioned earlier because it does have ample parking space as well. It does get pretty busy at dinner time, so watch out for that! They also do take out and they have a variety of other cuisines like Pho and Pad Thai if you’re not feeling Chinese food.

This place is recently my to-go place for Chinese food, haha – maybe it’ll become yours too!

Till next time, ♥

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