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📍 2nd Floor of Pacific Mall @ 4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario

Recently I went back to Axia Café, under the circumstances of being one of the few places open when I had arrived to PMall about 11-1130AM. Most of the mall has not even opened yet, even though Google says it opens at 11AM.

I’ve been to Axia Café about maybe 4-5 years ago – a very long time ago. But the food was decent and nothing bad happened so I suggested going back there to eat again.

Axia Café is a restaurant joint with a bubble tea stand called “Bubble Tease”, right off the escalator going to the 2nd floor. You can’t miss it!

We got sat fairly quickly as we were the only ones there. The waitress rushed out but I could tell she was eating before and was trying to finish her food before serving us.

2015-12-11 11.26.18.jpg
Axia Cafe
2015-12-11 11.26.26.jpg

Decor was huge and slightly old school with the rustic wood tables in the middle (which was where we sat).

Their menu consisted a mixture of Chinese, Korean and Japanese-style food, along with bento boxes and sushi options too. We were craving something more soupy based, so we got the Kimchi Chiggae and Udon Soup.

Tea was also provided for us when we got the menu.

2015-12-12 23.16.14.jpg
Side dishes

These side dishes came not long after we ordered – typical in a Korean food setting, so I guess the restaurant is more Korean based. From the left is japchae, broccoli, bean sprouts, kimchi and potatoes.

Comparing it to other restaurants, they don’t provide as much side dishes. But I still enjoy it. I love eating the japchae and potato side dishes from Korean places. The potatoes are usually coated with a sweet sauce and is soft on each bite, whereas japchae is glass noodles coated with a type of sauce but still has a light taste to it.

2015-12-12 23.19.19.jpg
Beef Udon Soup

Beef Udon Soup came first and it was alright. Noodles tasted slightly soggy and beef was chewy. Broth was probably the best part but even then, it was just alright :/ .

2015-12-12 23.19.43.jpg
Kimchi Chiggae

Kimchi Chiggae came not long after and I was anticipating a fresh and spicy flavour but boy, was I wrong…

The soup tasted so bitter and horrid. Kimchi tasted stale and the meats tasted like leftover microwaved meat. Tofu is usually soft and chewy in these dishes but this tofu was hard and even hard to break… Everything was just horrible.

I didn’t want to waste money so I tried to eat as much as I could but ended up leaving almost half unfinished. Eating the Kimchi chiggae with rice made it barely bearable..

2015-12-12 23.20.12.jpg

Called for the bill as I was so unsatisfied with the food and wanted to just leave ASAP to get snacks from other places to fill my tummy up.

Our bill came with this.. You might be wondering what it is, because I was guessing so hard and was certain on not eating it. I thought it was a sour candy of some sort because usually sour stuff are coated with those white things. Either sour or a really sugary sweet… but it was a frozen grape. Never have I seen frozen grape being served with the bill before.. Usually it’s some sort of candy or peppermint.

Sad to say but the side dishes and frozen grape was probably the best part of the entire meal.
& I won’t be coming back here ever…

Till next time, ♥

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