Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir 🍀

📍 MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore

I had seen photos of the Tree Top Walk and had never hiked in Singapore before (or ever), so I decided to do it on this trip!

MacRitchie Reservoir is a nature reserve, so please be mindful of your rubbish as there are wildlife living here as well!

McRitchie Starting Point!

I did mention that there is wild life, isn’t there? Monkeys run about in the reservoir which is an amazing thing to see when I was there 🙂 . We also saw a Komodo Dragon (Yes!! Komodo Dragon!!) at the end of our hike! (which I was too slow to take a picture of, sorry). Hard to believe that we were in Singapore.

Monkeys at the car park!

& Let the hike begin!

There are lots of signage throughout the entire trail, which I was appreciative of because it was helpful and a constant reminder that we’re on the right track. There’s more than one route at the MacRitchie Reservoir, be sure to follow the trail you’ve picked!


Up hill was tiring, blehhhh


Almost there!
The “Ranger Station” is a resting spot with washrooms, and there are many more resting spots throughout the trail as well 🙂

Spotted some mushrooms!


Throughout the trail as well, there are small information pieces of the animals, plants and things about the MacRitchie Reservoir in general – pretty neat to have it scattered all about the trail 🙂

Almost there…


After climbing up stairs, we’ve finally reached the Tree Top!! Yaaaaaaaas.
The bridge is very linear and one way only – no back tracking allowed! The air and view from up here was amazing, and it was slightly unstable because the bridge will bounce per se when people walk. We also saw a monkey climbing on the bridge! 🙂

For some reason, I thought the bridge would be slightly bigger. With it being so linear, I couldn’t stop to take photos without being disrupting others who are behind me 🙁 … Wished I had gotten a good photo of myself on the bridge for memorabilia sake, but oh well ):

The View

After the Tree Top walk, it was time to walk all the way back to the beginning. But the trek back was better than going forward because the routes were (mostly) guided with man-made stairs instead of walking on the uneven ground.

On the way back, we also found this area full of butterflies! It was such a nice scene. Pictures can’t capture the view that I saw, because the butterflies moved really quick but I managed to take a picture of this one 🙂

Overall the trek took about 2 – 2.5 hours, from start to finish. The hike was a really good exercise – obviously wear runners/trainers as it is a long walk and with the uneven ground, it’ll help your sole not be as sore! I did not expect that many people to be on the trail on like a weekday morning, but it makes the trail less creepy.

For my first hike, I was afraid to get bitten a lot by mosquitos as I have had a history with bad mosquito bites… but it wasn’t too bad. My feet were sore at the end of it, hahaha. Be sure to wear proper clothing, bring water and insect repellent! Perhaps a towel because in Singapore, get ready to sweaaaaaaaaat.

The Tree Top Walk was worth the hike in my opinion. I just wished it was more leisure-y in the sense that you can take your time while you’re up there. I feel pressured to hurry/complete it to avoid being a disturbance for others as it was really narrow as mentioned before.

Will you go on the MacRitchie Trail when you’re in Singapore?
It’s definitely a great escape into the nature, and with a view of the nature from above, it is a change of scenery from the high rise buildings in Singapore.

Till next time, ♥

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