Fish bee hoon soup 🍜

📍 Singapore

Sometimes I have no idea where I’m going and I’m just following people about…

Here, I ate Fish head bee hoon soup or XO mee fen.
No idea why there’s an XO stated in the name…

Wikipedia gives a good sense about fish bee hoon soup and it’s seen as a healthy dish.

Fish Bee Hoon Soup

At this restaurant/store, the fish is fried and it tastes good with the chili mixed with soya sauce that they provide. It helps add flavour to the entire dish.

They gave ample amount of fish pieces with the dish. The soup was very refreshing even though the weather was already hot. It is also can option of adding milk to your soup… it makes the soup more creamier when milk is added.

This dish does make me feel healthy when and after eating it because the fish is so light, with a lot of vegetables and noodles. A simple yummy dish.

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