Phoenix Restaurant

📍 2900 Warden Ave #105, Toronto, Ontario

Wanted to try somewhere else and different than Western breakfast and Phoenix Restaurant was close by, serving Hong Kong style breakfast… So why not?

Though I am not a fan of Hong Kong style breakfasts, having a change from Western one lead me to Phoenix Restaurant.

Located in Bridlewood Mall, on the lower level, Phoenix Restaurant was the only thing besides Metro that was opened that early… in that corner anyways.

Waitress attended and spoke in Cantonese, showed the way towards the booths, which was pretty comfy and nice. It wasn’t too busy yet, which was the perfect atmosphere for me.

HK Lemon Tea

Their breakfast menu was only of one page. Serving from sandwiches, bread and toast, noodles, buns, and even have options of pork chops and steak!

Each breakfast set comes with an option of hot HK tea, coffee or lemon tea. If you wish to switch the lemon tea to iced, it’ll be a $1.25 extra — which to me is just a rip off. Plus, it was raining that morning so I don’t mind having hot lemon tea.

Breakfast Set (M)

Breakfast came quick and service was efficient.

I got the super basic HK breakfast (breakfast set M), which consisted of eggs, luncheon meat and instant noodles! The meat options were bacon, ham or sausage and the other noodle choice was udon noodles.

On the side, they had condiments.. and my all time favourite, you guessed it?! Chili oil!! Which made my meal more enjoyable.

The combo

The meal was okay, nothing special. Also felt like my lemon tea could lose a lemon, as I had 3 slices of lemon in there! The lemon flavour was slightly strong for me.

Technically speaking, I could have made that meal by myself at home for cheaper as it cost $6 +tax. But it was still alright as I got to try this place out and had a HK style meal after a long time!

If I have time, I would like to try out their lunch and dinner menu as it would probably have more options than the breakfast one.

Till next time, ♥

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