Chicken rice.. Again?! 🍗

📍 Singapore

More chicken rice?! Yes please!

Chicken rice is a dish that I would recommend to others who want to visit Singapore because everyone can eat it! All races, young or old, if you love spicy food or not… Chicken rice caters to all.

This time I got the roasted chicken rice, which came with pickled vegetables and a cucumber.

(This was the brown packaging I spoke of in my previous post regarding take out.)

With my meal this time, I got the grass jelly drink which I’ve seen it being available in cans as well.


The grass jelly drink is usually sold with soya bean (as shown below). Stores who sell these drinks usually have a huge amount of them in these containers! They’ll scoop it up into your cup and voila! You got your drink!


Grass jelly drink is really refreshing and with the grass jelly bits, you can easily slurp it up in your straw. Just be careful not to choke, as it does happen sometimes!

Till next time, ♥


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