Hoshino Coffee ☕️

📍 68 Orchard Road, #03-84, Plaza Singapura, Singapore

Stopped by for a quick coffee break at Hoshino Coffee as it was close by and we were too lazy to go around hunting elsewhere.

Hoshino Coffee Menu

Hoshino Coffee is an open air cafe in the middle of Plaza Singapura (or Plaza Sing, for short). We were seated and greeted quickly by our host & waitress. The booths were nice to sit in, was comfy and soft.

There is a button at the side of the table, allowing you to call the waitress – which is similar to some Korean restaurants here in Toronto. I find this method extremely effective because I don’t have to waste time flagging down a server.

Mid-area of the restaurant

We ordered the Hoshino Coffee as it seemed to be the special food item which was “roasted over open fire, gives a strong boiled flavour with pleasant sourness”. Coffee was alright to me, but it was really rich – kind of reminds me of the French Roast from Starbucks.

I wanted the Matcha latte but decided not to get it after looking at the price. $9 for either hot or iced matcha latte is pure daylight robbery to me!! Unless it was going to be served in a big cup… which I highly doubt.

Hoshino Coffee, served with a side of milk/cream

We also got the pancake souffle style with strawberry, which was on their spring recommendations page. The presentation was super cute as strawberries have this special talent of adding an oomf to every dish! With syrup drizzled on the outer edges and strawberry jam drizzled on top, with ice cream on the side… it looked really appetizing.

Unfortunately, I feel like it isn’t that special for the price. The pancake souffle just tastes like a really thick version of a pancake… nothing special. I personally felt that the ice cream was a tad small. The strawberries tasted fresh and sweet.

Pancake Souffle Style with Strawberries

Also to mention that I rarely saw waiters/waitresses walking around after ordering… Barely any of them walked about and only seen when they’re bringing out food or drinks. Had to call the waitress using the button just to get my water refilled… which was an odd feeling to me.

All in all, it was just okay at Hoshino Coffee. I feel like it’s a tad expensive for what they offer because I don’t find anything unique about the place for that pricing.

Till next time, ♥

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