Life update ✨

I have no doubt been away for quite a bit from my blog as well as my Instagram, so this is more of a catch-up on what I’ve been up to! 🙂

It’s supposed to be Summer weather in Toronto right now but it has a mixture of Spring and Summer weather. The difference is, Spring is more cooler, and slightly chilly compared to Summer. But frankly, I don’t mind this mixture of weather because a good breeze makes the weather more tolerable 🙂

With that said, I’ve been spending time in parks. Just taking walks, sitting, enjoying the fresh air, peace and quiet, with the breeze… It’s quite relaxing. Especially on days where it isn’t super hot. Played with my camera a little bit while I was there.

Park livin’
Park lovin’
Hi duckie

I have also been watching dramas/movies and rewatching some:

  • Descendants of the Sun
    • This kdrama blew up so big during the school term and I didn’t get the chance to watch it. I’ve finally watched it and I loved it despite how cheesy  and loveydovey it was!!
  • Sherlock
    • I watched a couple of episodes on Netflix before realizing that Netflix doesn’t have all the episodes and they don’t follow the original series in terms of airing the episodes… Not the first time I’ve experienced. & It just turned me off from watching the “entire” series via Netflix after that.
  • Orange is the New Black
    • I decided to catch myself up on the series again so I binge watched all 3 seasons before Season 4 dropped on Friday. I’ve also finished watching Season 4 already and *minor spoiler alert*…. I’m quite sad about the departure of a certain character. Can’t wait for the next season though!!
  • Fantastic Four (2015)
    • Sad to say that this movie fit it’s low rating. It’s storyline was not exciting at all, was disappointing really.

These are some of the ones I could remember… Been lazy to stream new seasons online because Netflix is amazing. So I haven’t caught up to the latest seasons of Grey’s or like Hannibal, for example. I wish Netflix were more up-to-date with new seasons and episodes but now I’m just getting greedy, hahaha.

It’s odd to say this out loud but I’ve been reading quite a few books as well. I don’t usually fancy reading books because I don’t find any that captures my attention throughout the entire book. But times have changed when I stumbled upon the Kindle app in the app store and well, I’ve been obsessed with it. Also found out that I like thriller/mystery/crime books a lot because things would turn out to be unexpected. My wallet is so empty now because of how much I spend for digital books ):

I’ve also been planning for somewhere that I’m going at the end of the month 😉 . Been a secret for long awhile now and I’m excited!!

I also redid my blog layout because I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the one from before… I’ll also try to keep up with my blogging. I have tons of post in my drafts so I’ll hope to get on it soon 🙂

Till next time, ♥


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