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So recently my friend bought me the famous spicy Korean ramen! These were known to be really spicy ramen and you might even know it from the “Spicy Ramen Challenge” that is over the Internet and Youtube.

You would boil the noodles first.
I usually boil my cup noodles for 8 minutes because I like to be sure they’re cooked.

Inside, you’ll find 2 packs. 1 of the packs is with all the spice, the other is extra condiments is seaweed and sesame seeds (which is not necessary if you don’t wish to add this).

Instant noodle package

After boiling the noodles, you would drain it and mix the spice package in. Mix until it looks like a bowl of lava, as shown in the photo below. Hahaha.

Final product

To prep, I just had milk on standby. As a fan and lover of spicy foods, I was worried that this might make me breathe out fire like a dragon…
But honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I finished it and only drank 2 cups of milk after to cool the spice. The spice only got bad after I finished eating my noodles… but as I was eating it, it was tolerable (ish). It was tasty as well.
The noodles were listed as a super spicy chicken flavour and it wasn’t all too bad in the end (for me), heehee. Guess this indicates my tolerance level for spice as well 🙂

I’m glad that I tried this! Special thank you to my friend for getting the noodles for me & allowing me to try this as I had wanted to for awhile now!! 😀

Will you attempt to try this spicy noodle challenge?

Till next time, ♥


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