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Super duper late post on this!!

I have been occupied with other stuff like (finally) watching Descendants of the Sun – which I absolutely fell in love with!! & Also watched a couple of other tv series like Sherlock Holmes, Grey’s Anatomy (again for the 999th time), have been reading books, doing errands, etc. More on what I’ve been doing here!

This was maybe about a month or so ago when we made the trip to Wooffles and Cream as we were craving both soft serve ice cream and HK style waffles.

When we went, they were on Day 1 of serving their new limited soft serve flavour which was Houjicha, a roasted matcha flavour. I wasn’t sure about the flavour but the girl was really kind enough to give me a sample which to my delight, I loved it! She said that many people commented that it is similar to a cappuccino flavour. To me, it tasted exactly as what like a roasted matcha flavour would be – slightly burnt but still has underlining matcha flavour.

Cookies & Cream wooffle with Houjicha & Vanilla soft serve

I ended up with the Cookies and Cream wooffle with a mix of Houjicha and vanilla soft serve whereas L ended up with the Vanilla soft serve and the lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and seaweed wooffle.

Lap cheong and seaweed wooffle with vanilla ice cream

You can see the lap cheong and seaweed in the wooffle through this zoomed in photo, hahaha

Zooming in on the Lap Cheong & Seaweed wooffle

Though the price may seem expensive for just waffles and ice cream, the dessert is actually quite filling and they give a huge portion each time. Customer service here always puts a smile on my face because of how attentive and courteous they are. Plus, with summer weather here, desserts always help cool me down.

Till next time, ♥

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