Tasty House 🍉

📍 4390 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario @ Market Village Food Court

Tasty House sign

I rarely buy food from Market Village because all my favourite snacks are at Pacific Mall!
But Tasty House caught my eye because of the various drinks sold, typical Chinese sandwich and coffee combo and they sell ice cream crepes too! Most of the other stores just simply sell Chinese food and HK milk tea/soy milk.

Tasty House also sells fresh fruit juice(!!!) which what I was craving for since I wasn’t feeling bubble tea that day. Some of the other beverages sold are bubble tea, hot coffee, tea, slush, and tea leaves are being sold here as well.

I went for the Watermelon Juice because God knows this weather has been burning haaaawt and I needed something to cool me down. Always had a love for watermelon juices because of how refreshing and naturally sweet it is.

The lady spoke perfect English, and Cantonese to the customer before me. It costs $5.10 for a large which is slightly steep in my opinion. I was also hoping that it wasn’t powdered watermelon flavour because I saw some jars with powder in it – probably for the bubble teas.

Fresh Watermelon juice!!

To my delighted surprise, she actually pulled out a watermelon and cut it in front of me and made my drink!! I was expecting more like a jug of fresh watermelon juice from the fridge or something but I was really happy!! The juice tastes absolutely fresh and knowing it is fresh, I don’t mind paying $5.10 for it 🙂 !

I think this is also the only bubble tea store in Market Village and I’ve seen a couple of people buying bubble tea from Tasty House as well.

Will be back whenever I need a juice fix 😀

Till next time, ♥

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