Golden Ray 🍴

📍 3453 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

This restaurant used to be called Joy Fortune, as Yelp has two restaurants under the same address, and now they are called Golden Ray. But on their name plaque, it states to be Golden Joy…. This name of this restaurant is confusing, blaaaah!
Either way, it’s a Chinese restaurant in the exact same address! So punch the address in when you GPS your way here instead of typing in the restaurant name.

We ordered a couple of dishes here for dinner. Nothing off a set menu or something~

As we arrived around 6pm and there were some families seated in but overall it was relatively quiet and we found a spot quickly. I didn’t do any of the ordering hahaha so I was just here to sit and eat!

Bok Choy

To start off, vegetables! Bok Choy is a good staple Chinese vegetable. It came with a mini soup which actually tasted really good. It was creamy, yet light.


Next off was Ribs. My parents highly recommended it and we tried it… It was pretty bomb. Except with the Ribs, it’s always a messy eat for me πŸ™ . It was hella good though!! Totally recommend it πŸ™‚


The lLobster was an impulse order… I also don’t quite enjoy the crispy parts outside of the shell but I mostly ate the meat anyways πŸ™‚


They gave us options for dessert! Either Red Bean or Dau fu fa/Dau fu fa which is a soft tofu with a slight amount of sugar for taste. I am a dou fu fa loverrrr so I got dou fu fa but I’m glad that the restaurant actually gives you options of choosing your dessert as most restaurants don’t.

I actually came here on Chinese New Year and the service/food wasn’t as good as this time. So I would recommend coming on a non-holiday/celebration/event… actually for any restaurant! Because the price goes up as well which is always a sad thing πŸ™

Till next time, ♥

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