Pokémon Nanoblocks!.. Again

Back at it again with the Pokémon Nanoblocks!

This time, I’m here with Venusaur (in Japanese as Fushigibana) and Blastoise (as Kamex)!
Fushigibana… like Dolce & Gabbana? Okay, my joke is over.

Pokémon Nanoblocks - Venusaur/Fushigibana - helloteri
Venusaur / Fushigibana
Pokémon Nanoblocks - Blastoise/Kamex - helloteri
Blastoise / Kamex
Pokémon Nanoblocks - Blastoise/Kamex - helloteri
Blastoise / Kamex

Venusaur was at a difficulty of 2/5 whereas Blastoise was a difficulty of 3/5. If you like building toys like Legos or have previously built Nanoblocks, it shouldn’t be hard to construct them together. I apologise for my crappy shots, they aren’t the best but I just want to show them off! I don’t know why, but when I building this, it was on the bed… I highly recommend you don’t.

These two Nanoblocks are 5th part of the Pokémon series that was released on May 24th, 2016 but only in Japan.

I got these Nanoblocks in Japan!! Yes, Japan, one of the places in the world that were on my travel list since forever and I can’t believe how blessed I was to be able to go!

Stay tuned for more Japan posts which will probably occupy the entire August!

Till next time, ♥

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