Genki Sushi 🍣

📍 24-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan

Genki Sushi was on my list because I wanted to try conveyor belt sushi in Japan and I heard that Genki Sushi is relatively cheap for this experience.

Found Genki Sushi in Shibuya and they had a mixture of booths as well as side seats for people not in groups. We had to wait about 10 minutes for seats which wasn’t too bad for lunch time. Genki Sushi has other locations as well 🙂

You are given an iPad per person, or per booth, depending which type of seating you get 🙂 . There was several languages available, so be sure to change it first before ordering!! We only found it after we ordered like 2 rounds of food…

Matcha powder is provided on the side, so you can put the matcha powder to your liking. The hot water spews out of this tap so be careful – don’t put your hand underneath there! Some places in Japan, hot water/tea is self-served so don’t be alarmed at this.

Genki Sushi - Green Tea - helloteri

Genki Sushi turned out not to be the conveyor sushi experience that I hoped for, since everything is being ordered on the iPad and delivered to your table. I thought Genki Sushi would have the ones with the plates on an actual conveyor belt, but this experience was just as unique anyhow 🙂 .

This experience is dubbed “Sushi by Shinkansen”, in which some places have the electronic delivering machine look like the Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train in English. Your orders are only limited to 5 per ’round’, and you can order more right after. I guess this is to pace yourself, and also to help the kitchen in terms of making and delivering the food to the table.

Genki Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi - helloteri
Food being delivered via the electronic machine~
Genki Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi - helloteri
Food being delivered by the electronic machine~
Genki Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi - helloteri
Tadah! Food is delivered 🙂

Your iPad will prompt you when your food is coming. The food comes zooms on an electronic plate to your table. After you grab your food, your iPad will prompt you to push a button to send the machine back to the kitchen.

Some of the other foods we got were: cheese hamburger nigiri, squid, hamburger nigiri with mayo, salmon nigiri and red tuna nigiri.

Genki Sushi - Conveyor Belt Sushi - Nigiri - helloteri
Some of the food we got!

I’m not even sure what this one is, but it was one of the specials. I tried one, but definitely do not like the taste of it.

We also ordered Natto Nigiri by accident because we haven’t found the English menu then… and I was like nooooooo… Natto is following me everywhere! Do be wary that most nigiri is in sets of two, so if you’re in a group, you would have to order more than 1 plate.

Genki Sushi - Special - helloteri

We also got the Chicken Kaarage from Genki Sushi, among our many dishes 🙂 .

Genki Sushi - Chicken Karaage - helloteri
Chicken Karaage

In all, Genki Sushi was alright for this modern conveyor belt sushi experience. Service was minimal and everything was done via iPad (even getting the bill).

In conveyor belt sushi experiences, the colour of the bowl usually signifies how much each plate costs, but I would say it ranges between ¥100 – ¥500, unless you ordered some expensive combo stuff. But all the prices are listed beside the item anyhow.
& Let me say, the bill does accumulate since you’re ordering quite a bit, hahaha.

I’ve had better sushi elsewhere, but Genki Sushi was fast in terms of service and food, plus it filled my tummy so I would recommend coming here for a lunch if you want something fast, cheap and filling 🙂

Till next time, ♥

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