Disneyland Waffles 🍦

📍 Tokyo Disneyland @ 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan

Located at the World Bazaar, the Great American Waffle Company sold Mickey Mouse shaped waffles… Ummm yes!!!

Waffles – yuuum.
Mickey Mouse shaped – cute.
Ice cream – why do you even bother asking?
This place just screams yes!!!

The Great American Waffle Company was right next to a gift shop which we were in, and the smell of waffles just captured our attention. So we ditched the gift shop and came to get some food.

How Mickey Mouse waffles are made~

The line wasn’t too long and you get to see how the waffles are made while in line, 🙂 . Super duper cool… They have like 15 waffle makers in there to keep up with the customers.

There were options of Maple Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry & Custard Sauce, and their Seasonal Special was Mango & Vanilla Ice Cream. You can add a side of vanilla ice cream for ¥210. They also sold mini waffles and beverages.

Chocolate Sauce + Mango & Vanilla Ice Cream

We got the Chocolate Sauce, along with the seasonal Mango & Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle.

I like the seasonal waffle better just because they added so much more to the dish compared to the chocolate waffle. Though I don’t like mango that much, the mango custard tasted sweet and with the waffle, added a summer feeling to it. Whereas the chocolate waffle was kind of plain and dry – I think it’s better to add ice cream to the waffle to give it more of a smoother texture altogether.

Mango drizzle + vanilla ice cream + mango custard + fresh mangoes + whipped cream VS chocolate drizzle + whipped cream.

The seasonal waffle cost slightly more expensive than the chocolate waffle, but it was so worth it because as you can see, they gave more than the chocolate waffle.

No regrets getting these in my belly before leaving Disneyland 😀

Till next time, ♥

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