Little Green Mochi Men 🍡

📍 Tokyo DisneySea @ 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan

The weather at DisneySea wasn’t as hot at Disneyland but no matter the weather, there is always time for ice cream~

Little Green Men/Mochi

The green aliens, or properly termed as Little Green Mens were popular in the Toy Story movies/series, and DisneySea managed to turn them into cute snacks! Along with a cute packaging cup as well to fit the theme.

These LGMs were ¥360 for 3, and it is sold infront of the Toyville Trolley Park, like near the Toy Story Mania! area.
I didn’t see this being sold anywhere else but this spot… so grab it then~

3 for the price of 360 Yen

Not knowing what to expect, as I bit into the LGM, chocolate ice cream was filled inside it! I thought all 3 were filled with chocolate ice cream, but it turned out to be custard and strawberry for the other two.

The green parts were made out of mochi, which is glutinous rice and I’ve talked more about that in my previous blog post here.

Yum yum~

Soft and chewy mochi skin, with a soften custard filling or chocolate/strawberry ice cream really balances this cute little snack altogether. You can actually see what the filling is on the bottom of each little green men.

For it’s cute looks, and different fillings, these Little Green Mochi Men were actually pretty filling. With 3 little green men, you can split this with your friends/partner so you can eat more in DisneySea 😉

Till next time, ♥

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