Sweet Box Crepes 🍰

📍 Takeshita Dori, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Takeshita Dori is known for fashion boutiques, cafes, cheap(ish) shopping, and crepes! 🙂
Right when you exit Harajuku subway station, you can see the street right infront of you! With it’s iconic colourful banner, you won’t miss it.

There were a ton of crepe stores in Takeshita Dori, so don’t rush and go up to the first one you see! Because that’s what I did, hahah.

I got excited when I noticed my first crepe place and bought a crepe from them, only to find out there were so many other stores that sold crepes after.. so don’t rush like me, since you have many other choices to choose from  ðŸ™‚

The crepe place we went to was called Sweet Box, and they had a lot of crepe options were plenty as well. Combinations of fruits, actual meals (like tuna salad, ham and cheese, ham pizza, eggs), cheesecake, ice cream, drizzles, custard, whipped cream… Definitely a hard decision to make and pick only one to nomz.

Sweet Box Crepes

We ordered a few, but mostly the dessert ones that had a similar mixture of fruits, ice cream, cheesecake and whipped cream.


The one that I was shared had chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, bananas, whipped cream and cheesecake in it!

You might think that cheesecake in a crepe is weird, because I thought the combination was weird initially – but it turned out to be good! The cheesecake was warm (on its own) and despite having cold factors of the ice cream and the whipped cream, the mix of it turned out to be really good. The crepe was also soft and chewy which is yummy 😀
The cold ice cream and whipped cream helped against the hot Japan summer weather.

The wait for your order is usually about 5 minutes. It was pretty fast. The line to order was longer than the food wait time.

In Japan, it is considered rude to walk and eat at the same time. So people usually stand next to the store, booth or simply in a corner to eat. Luckily, Sweet Box had a dedicated area for customers to eat next to their store. They had a small seating area which was full, so we simply stood and ate.

Crepe with cheesecake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream!


When we went back to Takeshita Dori again, my friend got another crepe!
This one is #46 – Gelato Caramel Cheesecake and Cream.

When ordering, instead of saying the name, because some of the names are too long to remember – you can simply just say the number of the order which helped a lot.

This is from Sweet Box as well, since it was the closest one nearby.

#46 – Gelato Caramel Cheesecake and Cream

My only regret is that I didn’t eat a full crepe by myself since I had shared my first one. And I was too full to eat a crepe when we went back to Takeshita Dori again. I did not prepare my stomach for it!

The crepe, though it may look overwhelming at first, you can probably finish one by yourself! It’s easy to eat, with it’s soft texture and ice cream helps beat the summer heat.

Do what the Japanese do & Get grab a crepe while you’re in Takeshita Dori 😀
You won’t regret it.

Till next time, ♥

For more crepes – Sweet Box, Sweet Box Facebook & Yelp


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