Tonkatsu 🍱

📍 Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a quiet town but we managed to find this little spot that was popular and getting attention. It was close to our hotel and not much food places were about. Thank goodness for the display of food that the Japanese culture do, because that was how we based our restaurant on.

YAYOI was a fairly small spot but was popular. We ordered our food via a vending machine again, which is always awesome. But we just had to wait about 10 minutes for available seats. The waiter who attended us helped us get seated and took our food tickets.


This is probably the basic tonkatsu, which is a pork katsu. Sauces were provided and a huge salad. I think one of the sauces was for the tonkatsu, and the other was for the salad or the tofu maybe, as the salad already had dressing. The tofu was a cold tofu.

The tonkatsu was so crunchy and crispy, plus tons of meat inside. I was so filled after and I didn’t touch my rice that much. There was unlimited rice here! They have a huge pot of rice where you go up and fill your bowl whenever you want more.

More Tonkatsu

No idea what this was, but was only influenced because of the egg option. The sauce of drizzled on top of tonkatsu was sweet but wasn’t overpowering. This option also came on a sizzling hot plate.

Just to clarify, YAYOI is not a tonkatsu specialty place. I was just drawn towards the tonkatsu option, hahaha.

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