Osaka lovin’ 🐙

📍 Osaka, Japan

Visited Osaka too as part of the mini-trip out of Tokyo!
So the time spent in Osaka was only about half a day, I reached Osaka around 1pm and the shinkansen/bullet train back to Tokyo leaves at night.

In Osaka, I ventured to Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Kuromon Ichiba Market, did some shopping and ate yummy foods, of course! 😉

Dotonbori – Big Crabbie
Dotonbori – The famous Glico man
Dotonbori + Entrance of Ebisubashi-suji
Dotonbori – Cool sewer designs
Dotonbori – I think this is a casino? Thought the dragons were cool


Eating some sushi when I had reached Dotonbori.
I ordered something small so I can fill my tummy with snacks from the streets of Dotonbori later~
This sushi restaurant is opposite the big dumpling sign called GANKO.

Lunch sushi set with assorted sushi
Ordered an otoro (fatty tuna). It was so chewy.
Japanese version of a steak
Japanese steak with mayo chicken


This is the Kuromon Ichiba Market which was about a 15minute walk from the Dotonbori area. For delicious local market Japanese food/snacks 😀

Kuromon Ichiba Market
Some squid thing and a boiled egg
Ate the skewers from here (top left), but tasted like gizzards because it was so squishy!
!!! Daifuku!!
I got the red bean Daifuku! Wish I got the white bean Daifuku now…
Grilled Scallops
Beef Tongue
Tako Tamago
Tako Tamago! But it was cold ):
The Tako Tamago was on my to-eat list while in Japan and I got to try it! Inside the head of the Tako Tamago is a quail egg and it was super chewy and yummy! The only bad thing is that it was cold ): … I think it was just out too long.
The lady who sold it from was also super nice and gave a discount 🙂 .

The Daifuku was on my list as well and it was so yummy! It just got messy because the outer is powdery.

Some of the other stuff I ate were grilled scallops which is a total yum because I love scallops and they reheat it using the grill before serving it to you! & Also tried out beef tongue, sounds nasty but it was actually so good!! It was pricey though compared to all the other snacks. But it was so chewy and actually melts in your mouth. The guy who cooked the meat infront of you also tried to flirt with me… LOL.

The Kuromon Ichiba Market was actually a good spot to hit up some local favourites since I didn’t get to go to the market I wanted to visit in Kyoto because I was too exhausted ): ! But Kuromon Ichiba made up for it 🙂 .

Osaka was a blast! I loved how everything was so vibrant in colours, smell… the entire environment was just so lively! Food at Dotonbori, shopping and arcades within Shinsaibashi & Ebisubashi were both in a close convenient area which is a a total win.

Oh how I wished I had spent more time in Osaka, I absolutely loved it 😀 !

Till next time, ♥

For more Osaka – Dotonbori Yelp & Shinsaibashi Yelp + Willflyforfood foodie posts that helped my Osaka food research – Kuromon Ichiba Market & Dotonbori


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