Takoyaki in Osaka 🐙

📍 Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

Osaka is known for Takoyaki, so I had to get some! I’ve tried takoyaki before at a few places in Toronto.
Takoyaki is a popular Japanese food, in English they are called “Octopus balls”. Each wheat-based battered ball has a piece of minced octopus in it, and is cooked in a round mold pan!

After cooking one side of the ball, the chef flips it over with that special tool he is holding, and it is a sight to see because the ball doesn’t break. Plus, he does it pretty quickly so it was amazing!

Takoyaki grill
I bought 6 pieces of Takoyaki for ¥450, and the wait wasn’t long at all.
Fresh off the grill, they drizzled takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes to top it off.

& I just realized that they gave me 7 pieces, from my photo. Thank you!

The takoyaki was hot so I had to cool it down a bit before eating. Takoyaki is a soft battered ball, so it does deflate after some time. The minced octopus in each ball were big pieces as well, they did not shrimp out on the octopus like here in Toronto. I don’t even think people in Toronto use octopuses… probably squid instead. As well, Takoyaki gets pretty filling after awhile so I was pretty full after eating about 3 of them…

If you will not be going to Osaka on your Japan trip, don’t worry!
Takoyaki is sold in Tokyo as well, and I’m sure other parts of Japan sell takoyaki too 🙂
Be sure to try snag some while you’re in Japan~

Till next time, ♥


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