McDonald’s Wasabi Mustard Fries 🍟

📍 Osaka, Japan

I barely ate any fast food in Japan. I really wanted to try out KFC, but just didn’t see that many locations about ): ! I didn’t eat much from McDonald’s except a piece of chicken nugget (which was really meaty compared to Canada’s) and their special wasabi mustard fries, which I had tried in Osaka.

Wasabi Mustard Fries
I heard before that they had chocolate and white chocolate fries, but now they have wasabi mustard fries as their next option I suppose.

Originally, I didn’t know what the sauce was and only found out that it was wasabi mustard after trying it. The wasabi taste was strong, and with the yellow colour, it seemed to be mustard. But definitely wasabi as I dislike the taste of wasabi. However, as I kept eating it, it doesn’t seem that bad and my taste buds adjusted to it…

The drinks option were quite unique too, they had some type of fizzy melon drink with ice cream in it (as I’ve seen other people drinking it).

Trying fast food in other countries might be odd, but I believe every fast food in other countries have different menus and have a difference to their taste as well – despite being a worldwide fast food joint.

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