Daily Chico 🍦

📍 5-52-15, B1F Nakano Broadway, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

The famous 8 layer Ice Cream!!
This was also on my Japan to-do list… But what wasn’t on my list? Hahaha

This popular store is located in Nakano Broadway – a place where they are known for specialising in anime and manga items like figurines, gaming goods, posters, keychains, etc. Though they do sell clothing, souvenir foods, and even a supermarket down in the basement!

Daily Chico is located in the basement where the supermarket area is. We basically just walked around and found it only because there were a few people standing around eating ice cream.

Options of ice cream

For a small size, you can get 1-3 flavours of ice cream. For a medium size, you get at least 2-4 flavours of ice cream of your choice and for the largest size is the 8 flavoured one.
They offer their soft serve in both cone and in a cup, but it costs ¥20 more to have it in a cup – this only applies to the small and medium size.

But obviously, I’m a fatty and only came here to conquer the 8 layered ice cream so!!

Daily Chico’s famous 8 layered ice cream
The 8 layered ice cream is seriously no joke. Even the guy who hands you the ice cream tells you to hold it up straight! They do provide little spoons for you to help scoop the ice cream from bottom to top instead of licking. It took awhile to finish… It was incredibly tiring at the end of it!

The flavours were strawberry, chocolate, ramune, grape, melon, matcha, vanilla and coffee. Other flavours include yuzu which is a Japanese citrus and cassis which is similar to blackcurrant. Ramune is a popular Japanese fizzy drink, which can also be bought in Pacific Mall here in Toronto. The ramune flavour does taste like the fizzy drink, which is a mixture of crazy and amazing. The coffee flavour was also quite strong and I quite liked it 🙂 .

For ¥490 and I get to try 8 different flavours of soft serve in one go was incredible!! Though, you should definitely prepare your stomach or share with a friend.
But I will definitely do this again, should I ever come back to Tokyo!

PS: Daily Chico does have a sign that indicates that they are under no obligation to give you a new ice cream, should you drop it. Just a little warning.

Till next time, ♥

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  1. August 30, 2016 / 2:38 PM

    Omg I want to try this! It looks amazing haha

    • helloteri
      August 30, 2016 / 9:53 PM

      It wasss! Definitely a must-do on Tokyo list 🙂

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