Rokurinsha Tsukemen 🍜

📍 Tokyo Ramen Street, Tokyo Station, Japan

Rokurinsha is located at Tokyo Ramen Street, where the line up was massive compared to any other restaurant here.

Why is this place so popular?
I’ve seen so many articles online raving about Rokurinsha and their famous Tsukemen. Tsukemen is dipping noodles where you take the noodles and dip it in a thicker version of the broth and slurrrp it in.

Their Tsukemen is one of the best in Tokyo as some of these websites/articles claim!

Originally when arrived here, we had plans to eat at Rokurinsha, but seeing the line… we decided to make a trip back here again in the morning! But even then, we waited in line for 40 – 45 minutes before our food was infront of us. And this was like at 9-10am in the morning.

Rokurinsha Tsukemen


Ordering was quick, as their menu was limited.
While you’re almost at the front, you’re given the menu so you would make your order quick and snappy using the vending machine.

Service was actually very very fast… Within 5 minutes of seating and handing in our food tickets, our food actually came in 5 minutes. I hadn’t even gotten myself comfy yet!

Spicy Tsukemen

Knowing me, I got the spicy version of the Tsukemen! Rokurinsha definitely gave a lot of noodles… I ate about 3/4 of it. That was about the most heaviest breakfast I’ve ate in my life so far.

The noodles are cold, but with the broth hot, it was edible. Needless to say, the broth gets cold quick due to dipping the cold noodles in it all the time – so it’s best to eat it fast as well. I felt bad as there was ample broth left as well as noodles, but as I ate slower to pace myself, my meal wasn’t as warm as I’d like it to be.

We didn’t want to seat too long because of the wait line that was outside, and I felt bad so we kind of rushed while leaving. Not to mention with the massive food coma that I attained while leaving Rokurinsha.

Was it the best Tsukemen I’ve ever ate in my life? I can’t say, because I don’t eat Tsukemen that often. But it was definitely enjoyable, yummy, service was fast and quick, plus it gives me a slight street cred being able to say that I’ve ate at Rokurinsha while in Tokyo 😉

Rokurinsha also serves ramen, but with the title of Best Tsukemen in Tokyo, why would you want to get ramen?

Till next time, ♥

For more Tsukemen – Rokurinsha Website & Yelp


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