Alice in Magical Land 🐰💫

📍 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

With several Alice themed cafes, all very pretty and with a slightly different aspect of Alice, the one I went to was Alice in Magical Land.

The aesthetics and consistency of the theme was mind-blowing and definitely immersed you in the world of Alice. From the entrance, to the menus, the interior design, outfits of the employees, down to the props they provide!

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King of Spades table


Back of the drinks menu~
Other spots of the cafe
Heart chandelier
Heart chandelier
The private rooms


Onto the food! 🙂

Complimentary bread and butter! Look at the cute “Eat Me” sign
Magic of Cheshire Cat?! drink – It was alright, but a little too sweet for my tastes
Pizza with chicken and star-shaped hashbrowns
Spicy Cod Roe Cream Spaghetti with Spear Squid
Soy Milk Cream Carbonara

I had the Soy Milk Cream Carbonara with Pancetta and Mushroom. It was really silky and slurpy, which made it delicious! I didn’t eat the cracker though, it tasted stale and was nasty :/ .

Though the decor is amazing and the food may seem great, there were actually quite a number of cons at the Alice Cafe from my experience.


  • Our “private” room wasn’t that private. They had joined two private rooms into one big one, so you can hear/see the other party at the other side! It was a weird design on their part.
  • Service was horribly slow – from beginning to end, she doesn’t pop by in or check often, maybe because we were in the private room? Drinks to food… even when getting the bill is horridly slow. & Worst of all, they provide a button/bell to push when you’re ready and they’re still snails. Boo.
  • Food was inconsistent in timing… Some of us got our food first and finished before the rest of us got our meal. Poor restaurant/food etiquette in my view.
  • Several menus available wasn’t a good thing for me, they had 3 separate drink menus and one book menu for food/dishes. Not sure if 3 separate and different drink menus were necessary
  • Each customer must order a drink and a dish… They also do not provide cold water at all (unless asked I suppose). Plus each person has a sitting fee of ¥500 or ¥600… So add that up and the bill per person could go perhaps about $20. I thought they would only charge a sitting fee in special occasions where an individual doesn’t order anything, etc. That really seemed like a sly charge of a fee.

As a once in a lifetime experience, I did enjoy the Alice in Magical Land Cafe and takes a whole new level of themed cafe/restaurant!

The company who runs the Alice themed Cafes has about 5 different versions of it. Each cafe is still Alice themed, but some focusing on different parts of the story and each cafe looks different! I’ve linked the official website down below so you can look at each cafe and their pictures.

Honestly picked this one because of the heart chandelier. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing in person, but I didn’t want to stand awkwardly in the middle of the cafe.. Pictures last longer anyways 😉 .

Till next time, ❤️

For more Alice – Official website, Icosnap does a pretty good breakdown of each of the Alice Cafes & Yelp



  1. September 9, 2016 / 12:49 PM

    Omg this place looks so cool! I’m obsessed with the grassy booth and the heart table!

    • helloteri
      September 9, 2016 / 6:55 PM

      Yes!! That’s the only reason why I went here, hahaha for the amazing decor! 🙂

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