Yamamoto Japanese Cuisine

📍 2900 Warden Avenue, Unit 116A, Toronto

Yamamoto Japanese Cuisine is located within Bridlewood Mall. This mall has been upgrading itself with more restaurants such as Phoenix Restaurant so I’ve been coming by to this mall quite a bit heehee.

Came here for their lunch menu and I felt quite hungry today so I ordered more than usual! I got this to share between me and my friend. And also because I was craving salmon sashimi…

Omega 3 Set

The Omega 3 Set features more of the Salmon Sashimi as there was also a Salmon Set which had more sushi involved. I decided to go for the sashimi one instead because I was craving for salmon sashimi like I said earlier heehee, plus I had ordered another set meal for myself…

Each lunch set comes with miso soup as well! My fave 😀

The salmon pieces were fatty and definitely satisfied my cravings. However, the gyoza(s) didn’t appeal to me because of the outer layer. It was way too crunchy/hard for my liking even after dipping it in soya sauce.

Chashiu ramaen

The Chashiu ramen my friend ordered was only $8, thanks to the lunch menu! Yamamoto actually gave quite a bit of Chashiu than some other ramen places that I’ve been to.

I think this ramen was just alright as I ordered this when I came here another time. The noodles were more of a chewy form and the broth was just meh. I like how they gave a lot of ingredients – cha shiu pieces, an egg, the narutomaki (pink swirl fish cake) as well as seaweed.

Sashimi Set Bento + Chashiu Ramen

The dish that I ordered was the Curry Pork Cutlet Bento which also came with salad, some sushi pieces, rice and gyoza as well.

The curry had some potatoes and mashed carrots in it… The sauce base almost tastes like Campbell’s Chunky Steak & Potato stew, but more on the lighter side. It has a hint of sweetness in it as well and not at all spicy for me.

I liked how they separated the curry and the cutlet instead of drizzling the curry all over the cutlet. It helps the customer to personalize their own curry-to-cutlet ratio! The cutlet is also yummy without the curry if you don’t like the curry 🙂 .

Curry Pork Cutlet Bento

Overall, I enjoy the food and service at Yamamoto!
They also have the buzzzer things on each table to call for the server or the bill. But you can also simply just raise your hand and flag a waitress down.

Besides a la carte, Yamamoto has ayce sushi menu (which I have yet to try) as well. Whenever I visit Yamamoto, it’s during my brunch/lunch period and I don’t get as hungry so I usually settle for a la carte and the bento(s) fill me up pretty well 🙂

Till next time, ♥

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