Cora’s 🍳

📍 45 Milner Avenue, Scarborough, Toronto

Today we’re at Cora’s!
I’ve been to this location a couple of times with my friends because it’s conveniently close by to Scarborough Town Centre and we would just head there afterwards.

We arrived pretty early and there was ample seating space. This Cora’s is actually pretty big compared to some of the other breakfast places. If you come on the weekend, however, there would be a line outside the door for this Cora’s – just a little warning.

Our bread came last among all the dishes. I was confused for a second because I was wondering if our meals even came with bread! LOL. Clearly I haven’t woken up from my slumber…

White bread and whole wheat slices in a separate basket~

Our meals did not take long to come, but it felt longer because I was hungry.

L got the Basic Eggs with Sausage, but at Cora’s, this dish came with 2 eggs instead of 3. It also came with home fries and fruits.

Usual style of breakfast~

I went for the Spinach and Cheddar omelette instead, which also came with home fries and fruits. The omelette was humongous!!
But I did finish the entire omelette 😀 ! I did mention I was hungry earlier…

Spinach and  Cheddar omelette

The omelette was great! I could taste both the spinach and cheddar in the omelette. I was also hella stuffed after.

Cora’s version of home fries wasn’t much to L or my liking… I also didn’t like how the price for L‘s meal was more expensive than other competing restaurants and they only offered 2 eggs instead of 3. Cora’s did not have a special early bird pricing of sorts as I was curious and even asked the cashier for affirmation.

Needless to say, I won’t be coming back here again unless it’s for meet ups or gatherings but I won’t suggest coming here. There’s just other breakfast places around Scarborough  that is cheaper, offers more for the usual breakfast meal (like 3 eggs instead of 2), etc. Although Cora’s do offer more fruit in their meal, that isn’t a quality that I’m specifically looking for when it comes to breakfast. Cora’s also offer more vegetarian choices than some of the other places, which is to consider for individuals with different dietary choices 🙂 !

Till next time, ♥

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