Chinese Dumpling House 🍴

📍 3636 Steeles Ave East, Unit #112, Markham, Ontario

My parents wanted to show me this dumpling spot so off we went!

No idea what were the items ordered since my parents took the wheel for this one. I just sat and ate, teehee.

Their restaurant space is small but they made it work with marble tables and Chinese style chairs… The walkway area was really tight though. Tea was offered and there were several type of sauces to fit your taste – vinegar, soya sauce and even chili oil!

This was another version of a pancake, with leeks and green onion inside. It was pretty good and chewy. Unfortunately, the leek taste was really strong for me, so I only ate one. I saw a lot of tables ordering this dish though! So I bet it must be really popular.

Pancake with leeks

These pan fried pork dumplings were a must! It tasted so good and fresh off the grill too! The last time I had really good pan fried pork dumplings was in Chinatown a few years ago. Drizzle a bit of soya sauce on this baby and you’re good to chow down!

Pan-fried dumplings

We also got the steamed dumplings or known as 小籠包 xiao long bao in Chinese. There were many types of steamed dumplings here – different types of meat and vegetables combined.

All the steamed dumplings/小籠包 comes in orders of 15 in one of these big Chinese steamers… so be careful when ordering or you could take the food back home and eat some more when you’re hungry~

A single dumpling
Pork and mushrooms dupling I believe

The trick with 小籠包 is to eat it all in one bite but because it was steaming hot, it was almost impossible to do so.

Every 小籠包 comes with a bit of soup inside the dumpling, which is why it’s best to eat it in one bite. But with the dumplings being hot, I like to split the top part of the dumpling so the heat gets out and it’ll cool off.

More dumplings~
Pork or chicken with leek

We ordered two different types of 小籠包.
One is Pork with Mushrooms, another was either Pork or Chicken with Leek. Leek is pretty popular when it comes to dumplings… not sure why that’s the case, perhaps the fragrance of the leek brings the harmony of the dumplings together.

The 小籠包 wasn’t anything spectacular but it was decent enough. I really enjoyed the pan-fried dumplings more! But the problem with every pan-fried dumpling is that you can taste the oil/grease(?) when eating them… tastes almost sinful, but it’s worth it every time.

I would also recommend not coming during the dinner time on a weekend because we came here on a weekend for dinner and was lucky enough to get a big table (there weren’t many). We also came earlier around 5-6pm in order to make sure we get a spot. Midway while eating, there was patrons waiting for tables already!

Till next time, ♥

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